GORUCK Taper – Stonehenge Style

  • When:02/16/13
  • QIC: Haggis & Dolphin
  • The PAX: Bratwurst, Shriver, Lex Luther, Cobbler (FNG Shannon Schauber), Fireman Ed, Jamboree, Diamond, Puppy Love, Cheese Curd, Market Timer, Haggis, Dolphin

GORUCK Taper – Stonehenge Style

On this snow/rain filled soggy morning, 12 brave pax gave the Heisman to the fartsack and headed into the gloom at Stonehenge. For Haggis and I, this would serve as our GORUCK taper since we neglected to secure substitute Q’s for today ahead of the Challenge tonight. Despite our mental lapse, the pax all worked hard and got a great start to their day.

The Thang

Haggis on Q

– SSH X 20
– IW x 20
– Mountain Climber x 20
– Merkin x 15
Run to first lake
Partner up

Partner 1 runs a lap around the lake
Partner 2 does 5 burps, 5 merkins and 5 squats – repeat until lap complete

Mosey to metal tables – groups of 4 on each table
– Dips x 20
– Derkins x 15
Lap around the lake

To adjacent field for Mary
– Knee ups x 20
– Bicycle x 20
– Reverse Bicycle x 20
– Sideways ab crunch x 10 each side
– Laydown crossovers x 10 each side

Run to fitness trail for pullorama
Three stations – Supine, super supine, hanging pull up (x10 each)
Run to Bull Field

Dolphin on Q

Partner up for abbreviated Granny
AMRAP sit-ups x 30 seconds
Ab protractor x 30 seconds

Mosey to end of grassy field, split into two 6 man relay teams
Sprint @ 50 yards to big tree, 15 squats, sprint back
Rest of team does nonstop LBCs until they are on deck to run
Sprinter commences LBCs immediately upon return

Awards: winning team 5 burpees, losing team 10 burpees

Run to second lake

Jacobs Ladder with a twist – partner up
P1: run up hill, 1 burpee, down 2 burpee, up 3, down 4, up 5, down switch
P2: LBCs nonstop until switch

Run to stairs – bunny hop up to parking lot
Run to loading dock
People’s Chair x 2:30

Run back to launch with 1 30 yard sprint on the way


– Welcome to FNG Shannon Schauber (F3 Cobbler). All the pax did a great job today and were fairly quiet.
– YHC admittedly tailored his portion of the workout to avoid merkins, etc. ahead of tonight’s activities. #notwimpybutsmart
– Bratwurst once again showed his speed even though he wasn’t running very fast in his eyes. Strong work brother!

– If doing mud run, pay the transportation money. Check website for details.
– Today is last day to order 2013 F3 race jersey for delivery before Spartan race. Go to website and place your order.
– Think of F3 Nation pax doing the GORUCK Challenge tonight. Iron will definitely sharpen iron and I can already hear thundering footsteps.

Have a great day,

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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Good start to the AM! Hope you 2 take a nap, it’s going to be a long night! Best of luck to you guys and the rest of the GORUCK’ers

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