What Is A Burpee?……Asked and Answered!

  • When:02/09/13
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Header, Harley, Frehley's Comet, Bratwurst, Jamboree, Market Timer, Fireman Ed, Jennings (FNG Joe Whalen), Puppy Love, Deep Dish, Dolphin

What Is A Burpee?……Asked and Answered!

Prophetic question that was asked by FNG Joe Whalen at this mornings downPAINment known as Stonehenge. We had 11 pax come out to get their Saturday started off right. In the preblast the pax were warned to leave their rucks at home and that this workout would likely “leave a mark”. All warnings were heeded and while I can’t speak for everyone, YHC certainly has multiple “marks”. Here’s how it went down.

The Thang

Little baby jog to Stonehenge intersection crossing Johnston Road.

SSH x 50
Merkin x 20

Moderate jog toward parking deck.
5 burpees at first intersection
Lunge walk at second intersection, backward lunge walk at half way mark
Partner up at front of parking deck

Burpee Sprints
P1: Sprint to stop sign round corner and back (@150 yards)
P2: Burpees while you wait

Run to soccer field

Set of Sevens + bonus
1 merkin. Run to other goal, 6 jump squats
Continue 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2, 6/1
Bonus: 7 mountain climbers halfway through run
– coming and going – total of 84 mountain climbers

Full Deck Workout
Return to previous partner from Burpee Sprint
Run to top of parking deck – 5 levels
At each level, partners alternate 5 burpees, 10 LBC
People’s Chair x 30 sec
Quick 10 count to recover

What goes up…must come down
Run back down deck – 5 levels
Each level partners alternate 5 inverted mountain climber, 10 SSH

Run with pain back towards launch spot
Stop at every other tree. 10 merkins, then 15, 20, 25, 30
Cross Johnston and run to adjacent lot

All out sprint down and back – about 500 yards total

Back to launch lot
10 burpees
Rinse and Repeat


– Welcome to FNG Joe Whalen (F3 name Jennings) who came out this week. Nice EH by Puppy Love who was an FNG himself last week. Jennings is 53 years young and really brought today. As did all the pax. Solid work brothers.
– This was a tough workout and we never stopped or even so much as moseyed. Good thing Mary slept in this AM – we didn’t have time for her anyway.
– At our first Burpee stop, Jennings asked “What’s a Burpee?”…suffice it to say he got his answer.
– Angry Dolphin? – being awakened by the police beating on your door at 1 AM for a call where they had the wrong house does wonders for my attitude. So yes, I had some frustrations to take out. Good thing the pax were there for the receiving end.
– Wanted to incorporate some sprints and bonus burps at the end to make sure all the pax (especially Bratwurst) got their fill. Hope everyone got what they came for…and more.
– Bratwurst and Header are faaaaast! Both led on most of the sprints and runs even at the end when everyone was smoked. Solid work brothers and way to set an aggressive pace for all of us to wish we could follow.
– Harley was his usual quiet warrior self, staying at the front without even a grimace throughout the workout. May need to test for PEDs…..

– Lots of hard commit deadlines approaching. Check website for Mud Run transportation payment, BRR committal and to order the 2013 F3 racing jersey
– Continue to lift up Short Sale with his broken wrist. No F3 for him and he must be going crazy. Heal fast brother!
– Pray for a SCLT pax who lost his mother. Private dude so no names but still pray for him. Also, O’Tannebaum’s mom broke her hip. Lift ’em up.

That’s it. Aye!

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10 years ago

I DO miss being out there with you guys especially for great workouts like this one would have been.
Thanks Dolphin, for the prayer support. I can feel the many prayers of my F3 brothers.

Skywalker, f.k.a. Short Sale

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