Ring of Fiyaaaah

  • When:2/9/13
  • QIC: Cottontail & Slapshot
  • The PAX: Calloway Younglove Matlock Farside Doodle Floor Slapper Burgundy Rilie Fields FNG - calloway has his email Jordache Skinner Crabcake Abacus Ocho Cinco Flair Lobster Roll Turkey Leg Cotton Tail - QIC Slap Shot QIC

Ring of Fiyaaaah

The South Charlotte pax gathered for a nice Area 51 beatdown hosted by 1st time QIC Cottontail and a last minute fill in by the greatest hockey player to never play in the NHL, Slapshot.  Given this was Cottontail’s first Q he made sure it would be one the Pax would not soon forget. 
Cottontail’s recipe for destruction:
Warm up run
Circle up:
    side straddle hop (30)
    squat kicks (40)
    mercans (20)
    run to rock pile, grab pet rock, back to circle
Circle of fire: (each man backward run around circle)
    diamond mercans
    shoulder push ups (mind blank as to what we call them)
    curls w/ rock
    shoulder press w/ rock
    squat w/ rock
    jumping lunges w/ rock
    squat jumps w/ rock
    stationary deep squat
    leg raises
    mason twist w/ rock
    curls w/ rock
    quick jabs
Indian run around field w/ rock
sprints w/ burpees
The Slapshot took the helm:
Three groups at Playground (two sets of below)
Dips till rotation
Pull-ups x10
LBCs till rotation3 minutes of jack
Decline merkins x20Walking lunges

900 meter run

Plankorama, LBCs, 10 burpees

T-Claps to Cottontail for orchestrating a great set of drills and keeping the paxing moving.  Jordache broke out some turbo charged speed and dominated the field in the sprints, #cheetahfast!  FNG Riley Fields chose SArea 51 to launch his comeback as he plans to break the world’s record in the 40 yd dash, or at least hold his own against the competition.  Welcome Riley, thanks for being there.  Hat’s off to Slapshot for filling in for a sickly Countertop at the last minute – Get better soon CT.  Great job by all the Pax and a strong showing at coffeteria for the 3rd F.

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11 years ago

Good audible on the Bear Crawl around the Ring of Fire as we may have had a PAX revolt if those would have continued.

11 years ago

Would that be the Riley Fields who dominated the track not far from A51 at CLS back in the early 80’s?

11 years ago

Yes Flea, the same Riley Fields.

Counter Top
11 years ago

Great work guys. Sorry i missed the #painfest. Looks like Cottontail knocked it out of the park on his inaugural run @ QIC! T-Claps

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