Is This Skunk Works Or The Rock?

  • When:02/02/13
  • QIC: Mall Cop, Bug Eater
  • The PAX: Sparky, Smash, Skinner, Hagins, Pretty Boy QB, Frost Bite, Stone Cold (Ruck), Ice Hole, 49er (Ruck), Salt Lick, Big League Chew (WV), Harley, Malkovich, Donkey Kong (Ruck), Yankee, The Shore, Buzz Kill (Shore 2.0), Sand Bar (Badge Of Honor & Shore 2.1), Matadore, FNG Cosmo (Brad Bloom), Byron, Bug Eater, Mall Cop, & 2 more - sorry, messy handwriting from wearing gloves. Speak up in comments below to be recognized

Is This Skunk Works Or The Rock?


Badge of Honor – Orange Puddle, We were taught a great lesson by a very brave and strong young man today – Don’t drink Orange Juice before an F3 Workout!

25 Pax posted in the brisk, frosty gloom for a little WIB Circuit and Bug Eater’s virgo Q.  Common words as the pax exited their vehicles and saw the coupons YHC had brought was “Am I at Skunk Works or is this The Rock?”

The Thang:

Mall Cop Lead

Ask for volunteers to grab the 8 Kettle Bells and the 85 lb. heavy bag, grab the shovel flag, and head accross the parking lot to the soccer pitches for COP:

SSH x 30

Imperial Walkers x 20


Divide into 7 groups of 4 for a WIB (Workout In A Bag) Circuit for the next 28 minutes straight.

WIB Circuit:  Teams line up in a single file line, Pax 1 sprint 300 yds (to the fence and back), Pax 2 perform the Kettle Bell Exercise Called for that round, Pax 3 & 4 perform the exercises called. 

Round 1) Sprints / 2 Hand Kettle Bell Swings / Exercises: Merkins, Carolina DD, LBC, Squats

Round 2) Sprints / 1 Arm Kettle Bell Swings alternating arms as Pax 1 turns back at fence during sprint / Exercises: Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Merkins, Burpees

Round 3) Sprints /Goblet Squats / Exercises: Lost count about this point but believe it was Burpees, Burpees, Merkins, Squats

In addition: Team 1 started with the 85 lb Heavy Bag and each Pax took a turn throwing the bag over their shoulder for 10 squats, run up the Jaccobs Ladder Hill, 10 more squats, run down hill and pass to the next pax.


Bug Eater Lead:

 Run to Yellow man (haha)

Partner carry

15 count Carolina dry dock

80-Yard Partner sprint / side straddle hops

20 count Merkin

80-Yard Partner sprint relay

20 count merkin

Plankorama: Regular, Right Arm High, Left Arm High, Regular

40-yard bear crawl / 40 yard crab walk, Rinse and Repeato!

1/2 mile Indian run around church

5 North Face climbers / merkin ladder


Run it out back to home base for COT



T-Claps to Bug Eater for his Virgo Q and for posting for the 4:00 am GoRuck training at the Stonehenge site with Dolphin and then coming to dish out some pain and endure The Rock!


YHC must have heard about 23 times prior to launch today, “Is this Skunk Works or The Rock, what you got up your sleaves today Mall Cop?”  YHC thought I would mix it up today with a little WIB Circuit for the first 30 min, and with Bug Eaters relays, Indian Run, and climbing North Face 5 times many of us were pretty much spent.  Great work by all the pax today and T-Claps to Stone Cold, 49er, and Donkey Kong for sporting their Rucks and to Big League Chew for doning the new weight vest!


The picture at the top is a public service announcement to all by a very strong and brave Sand  Bar.  He was pushing and leading the pax on so many exercises that he pushed his OJ right out as well.  This is nothing to be ashamed about and is a Badge of Honor Sand Bar.  Thank you for coming out with your old man almost every week and showing us all how to put forth 100% effort.  You sir are an animal and if you keep this up you’ll be the biggest beast on the soccer pitch and the football field!


It was great to have an FNG from out of town Cosmo (Brad Bloom) who is the executive and editor of Faith and Fitness magazine.  You did great and look like you are already in a position to start up our next location of F3 up in Chesapeake, VA.   It was also great to have Malko come down for our weekly #downPAINment. 


Announcements -1)  The official registration for the Spartan Sprint is now up on the web site.  Please read through the artice and go ahead and officially register you and your EH’s from when we soft committed back in the fall.  YHC committed for several spots back in the fall so if you didn’t then or have started F3 over the last couple of months and would like to run the Spartan Sprint please send me a Twitter DM or talk to me at the next workout.

2) The new F3 Race Jersey design is up on the website and there is an area for a soft commit if you want to order one.  This is important so the Gear Team can know how many to request from the vendor.  Please select your style and size when you make your soft commit.

Until next time!  Aye!

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The Shore
The Shore
11 years ago

Great lead this morning. The support our family has received over the last month from our F3 brothers mea s so much to us all. My two sons love working out with the men as well and pushing themselves to their limits. You all help set a great example to them. They are, incidentally training for that Spartan Sprint in March. Don’t forget to sign up your family as well!

11 years ago

Sorry I missed today. I’m still battling a bad cold and really needed some sleep to recover.

I would’ve loved the Skunkworks-like workout. I hope we do that again.

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