Frozenhood – Man in Tights

  • When:02/2/13
  • QIC: Crab Cake & Far Side
  • The PAX: Cotton tail Tickler Lobster roll Slapshot Ocho Cinco Flair Abacus Merlin (sp?) Cotton Tail Calloway Jordache FNG-Thomas Fennel Toolbelt Joker Coal Miners daughter Crab Cake Far Side Sorry for those I missed

Frozenhood – Man in Tights

If Robinhood were in the PAX he'd be wearing them too.

18 men gathered for the frozen fiesta this morning at Area 51.  Temps in the low 20’s but the sun was shining so it was time to steal from the rich and make some downPAINments to the PAX.

The Thang:

Crab Cake QIC

walking lunges the entire length of the parking lot (ouch)

walking lunges all the way back, (dagger!)

circle up,

SSH x21

IW x21

Merkin x21

LBC x 21

Rock Climber x 21

Mosey to tire wall

jump over tire and back x 20

jump over tire sise to side x 20

decline merkins x 20 AKA Derkins!

mosey to circle of benches in the woods & divide into 2 groups

group 1: dips on the benches as we realize the Tickler is wearing man tights without shorts – cardinal sin, more on that later

group 2: run to top of steps, frogger ladder with merkins from 5 down to 1, circle field and meet back with grouyp

SWITCH and repeato

next, same 2 groups

group 1: step ups on benches

group 2 froger lader, same as before then circle field and all meet up

mosey to wall for peoples chair

decline merkins on curb x 20

rinse and repeat

Far Side QIC

indian run around field finish at rock pile then grab your favorite boulder

4 man teams line up in the end zone.

1 man sprints to 50 while the other three excersize, when he returns, the next man runs (with boulder) and other 3 guys excerzise in this order:

squats, merkins, lunges, carolina dry docks.

circle up at thre 50 yd line for the ring of fire

1 man shouts out an excersize for the rest of the circle to do while he runs around the outside of the circle

when he returns the man to his right shouts out a different excersize and runs the circle, repeat until everyone goes

return boulder, liine up in end zone

50 yd sprint, 10 merkins, back run 50 yds, 15 merkins, 100 yd sprint 20 merkiins

200 yd sprint (end zone to end zone)

circle for mary

dolly x20

rosalita x20

flutter x20

bicyle x20


No doubt that the Tickler stole the show with his wife’s jazzercize tights.  These mantyhose would have been perectly acceptable had he been wearing shorts over them.  But he wasn’t. Tickler’s surgical gloves left the PAX with more questions but I think they felt some were better left unanswered.  Hats off Tickler!  Wardrobe well done.  Other notables: FNG Thomas Fennel (Jordache) worked out in a pair of vintage Jordache jeans and managed to keep them grass stain free, wouldn’t you?  Those things are  collector items.  Welcome, Jordache, hope to see you back soon brother!  Cotton Tail tortured the ring of fire with his high knees and butt kicks as he slow trotted around, Nicely done.  Overall, lots of chatter from the group, probably everyone trying to keep their faces from freezing.  Great job Crabcake on his second Q – the downPAINments were well received.

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11 years ago

Good work today Crab Cake and Far Side. As for The Tickler, I’m going to try to forget that today ever happened. #wardrobemalfunction.

11 years ago

Hilarious Moleskin. Tights without shorts….ouch Tickler.

Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk
11 years ago

You show em tickler! Shorts over tights just looks like you’re wearing a skirt! Tights alone shows bravery! (Spoken by one of the few who rocks in tights on occasion in Raleigh).

11 years ago

I have it on good authority that the name Camel Toes is not yet taken.

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