GoRuck Gear Test #2- Pepper Pots & A Bed Post

  • When:01/31/13
  • QIC: 49er, Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Ray Charles, The Drill, Bulldog, Bugeater, Schedule C, Dora, Far Side, Strange Brew, Donkey Kong, 49er, Stone Cold

GoRuck Gear Test #2- Pepper Pots & A Bed Post

9 members of 1st F and 2 committed runners posted in the dark and muddy gloom for another taste of good livin.

The Thang:

-Ray Charles and The Drill posted at 0515 for their weekly 5 to 6 miler while 49er, Stone Cold and Far Side went for a 1.5 mile warm up run with rucks.

-The full GoRuck PAX launched at 0530 and immediately picked up the first 3 coupons for the day provided by the bridge overpass retaining wall.  Adult size boulders and one in particular was a nice and healthy beauty (DK sure can pick em!).

-The creek.. she was a rage’n thanks to last night’s down pour.   Water level was very high and white caps abundant.  So a creek crossing with bricks tied to our backs was unanimously ruled out.  No doubt there would have been an under water pain station had The Shore (praying for you brother) been Q. 

-Up hill trek in formation picking up another coupon, lop sided tree trunk (one end very heavy with spikes, the other much lighter) and a bed post (Woody).. I think someone must have needed it for their 3 legged bed at home.

-Pain stations at muddy field lead first by Donkey Kong: caterpillar push ups (crowd pleaser! ) and Dollys.  Then Strange Brew: partner pepper pots (Canadian for “he sees me’s”) and army crawl.

-Trek in formation back to parking lot delivering coupons back to their homes; with the exception of Woody. 3.5 miles covered.


-A lot more chatter this morning from the PAX; I am guessing due to the exhilaration of knowing that we would not be getting in the water.  Mother was that water cold last week!

-Pepper pots are much more enjoyable on a wet muddy field.  Far Side wins the award for the longest belly slide.

-Did I actually hear Brew say that he was in the very elite Canadian Army….or was that a raccoon growling in the woods???

-Shout out to Schedule C for making the long trip from north Charlotte for the 2nd week in a row at the crack of dawn.



-Dolphin is Q’ing an early morning GoRuck workout this Saturday.  Meet at the Greenway parking lot off of Johnston Rd near Ballantyne located at the bridge just down from the Red Robin.  This is NOT the entrance off of Hwy 51.  Meet at 0420; launch at 0430. This will be a good dress rehearsal for the challenge so dress and prepare accordingly.  COT will be at 0600 so you will have time to double up and make your usual Saturday workout after.

-Marrow Mountain GoRuck workout (4 hours)  this Sunday.  Meet at The Rock (Calvary Church) Sunday at 0600 if you want to carpool.



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The Shore
The Shore
11 years ago


The Shore
The Shore
11 years ago

Phone malfunction…
Great job this morning. Boy do I miss being out there with you. Thanks to 49er and Stone Cold for not allowing the first F GoRuck team to miss a beat this week. Stay strong. I’ll be back out there in the gloom with you soon enough.

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