Frost on Your Feet

  • When:01/19/13
  • QIC: Dolphin & Haggis
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Young Love, Jamboree, Lost Weekend, Swing State, POTUS, Hokie, FNG Jared James (Diamond), Seahawk, Market Timer, Bulldog, FNG Rich Riehl (Real Deal), FNG and 14 yo 2.0 Ryan Riehl (Manners), Fireman Ed, Schnitzel, FNG Peter Arnold (Shriver), Scabby, Dolphin, Haggis, 1 unknown LIFO

Frost on Your Feet

Today 20 brave pax came out to get their daily downPAINment in the frigid temps. We had 4 FNGs including one 2.0. Strong group of pax.

The Thang

Dolphin at the Helm
Run to parking lot for COP
– Seal Jacks x 20
– Imperial Walker x 20
– Sore Shoulders x 10 forward and backward
– Frankenstein Squats x 20 (arms straight out)

Run to speedbump
– 50 yard all out sprint to next speed bump
Run across road
– 50 yard all out spring to first light
Run to parking lot, each pax grab a parking space

Set of Elevens
– Burpees and Squat Jumps – 1 burpee/10 squat jumps…10 burpees/1 squat jump
Run to loading dock behind medical office building, grab some wall

People’s Chair x 60 seconds
5 merkins
People’s Chair x 90 seconds
5 merkins
Count off 1 and 2 to form two teams for later

Run across road to another parking lot
– Stop for SSH x 25 on the way (gotta have SSH in an F3 workout)

Team Relay Races with Pain Station
– 30 yard sprint to light – 5 merkins – sprint back
Continue relay until all pax complete
Merkins while you wait to run and after you run
– Rinse and repeat 30 yard sprint to light – 5 knee jumps – sprint back
Continue relay until all pax complete
Merkins while you wait to run and after you run
Run to Bulls for Mary

6 Minutes of Mary
– LBC x 20
– Dolly x 20
– Bicycle x 15
– Michael Phelps x 15

Haggis at the Helm
Pushorama – improve your max merkins number from last week by 2

Run to big hill adjacent to pond number 2 on the nature trail
Partner up

Jacob’s Ladder (Partner Style)
Merkins for everyone x 10
– P1 – 3 x hill repeats with 1, 3 and 5 burpees at top
– P2 – runs a lap around the pond
Plank until all pax complete
Rinse and Repeat
Diamond merkins for everyone x 5
– P1 and P2 same as round 1
Plank until all pax complete

Run back toward launch point
– Bunny hop up steps to upper parking lot (40 steps)
– Stop at fountain for Dips x 20 (10 with one leg raised)


– Welcome to FNGs Jared James, Rich Riehl, Ryan Riehl (2.0) and Peter Arnold. Also to those pax posting at Stonehenge for the first time. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Very strong work by the pax today. YHC was smoked at the end.
– Pax were fairly quiet with virtually no mumble chatter, particularly during the Elevens and Jacob’s Ladder. #toofocusedtotalk
– Brrrr! Defintely a chill in the air today and most of the pax had abundant frost on their feet. Hence the Backblast name.
– Lots of questions from the newer pax about additional F3 workouts in CLT South and throughout the city. Great to hear and folks should check out as many different workouts as possible. Go to “Find A Workout” on the site for a complete list. #varietymakesyoustronger

– USNWC takeover next Saturday. With more than 250 folks signed up for Mud Run training, pax are needed to help with logistics. Volunteer to help through comments on the site.
– Countertop Qing the clown cars for carpooling next Saturday. Carpooling is critical so meet at Calvary Church (site of The Rock workout) at 0600.
– More details to come in the Sunday CLTSouth email
– Continue to pray for The Shore and his father battles a yet to be determined form of cancer.

All I got brothers. Have a good weekend. Aye!


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11 years ago

Good work fellas at Stonehenge! I like the regimen Dolphin and Haggis threw at the pax!

11 years ago

Great workout today Dolphin & Haggis!

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