Two Toboggans Are Better Than One

  • When:12/31/12
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Ocho Cinco, Slapshot, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Cottontail, Skil Saw, Slide Rule, Lost Weekend, Super Sonic, Stagecoach, Rickshaw, White Zin, Juice Box, Countertop, Thin Crust, Abacus, Lobster Roll, Baby Boomer, Young Love, Short Sale, Flair, Turkey Leg, O'Tanenbaum, Harley, Salt Lick, Donkey Kong, Strange Brew

Two Toboggans Are Better Than One

28 men / young men gathered for an end of year workout in Charlotte South.

The Thang

Run around school

Squats X 40

SSH X 40

CDD X 40

Run around school


Mosey to Field

3 minutes of Mary

Mosey to Playground

-10 pull ups; 30 merkins; 30 dips; 30 squats — rinse and repeat for 3 sets, with 20 merkins on last set

-Starfish run, with five pain stations [each with reps X 20] – CCD, Merkins, LBC, Squats, Burpees


Mosey to rock pile

Rock press X 20

200 yard run with rock

Rock press X 20

Return rocks to pile

40 yard sprint

20 slow merkins



-So slapshot, our native upstate new yorker, shows up in two layers of everything this morning… including 2 hats… #thinblood

-Speaking of slapshot, he jumped the gun on the 40-yard sprint, but he probably couldn’t hear the official start b/c of the extra layers on his ears.

-For the rock carry/sprint, Tiger Rag — true to form — decided that a manly rock would be about the size of VW bug.  Must be all that kettle bell swinging that gets that testosterone flowing.

-Good to see all the 2.0s out in the gloom this morning.

-Remember, Skunkworks is closed on Jan 1.  If you are looking for a workout, join us at the Metro convergence at Freedom Park.  Meet at the Cinnebare at the Arboretum at 6:25AM for a prompt departure for Freedom Park.

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11 years ago

Good workout today Joker!

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