Buckets of Rain…No Rainbows

  • When:12/26/12
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: The Shore, Pinstripes, Strange Brew, Haggis, Young Love, Big League Chew, Uncle Leo, Donkey Kong, Dolphin

Buckets of Rain…No Rainbows

Aye, the bell tolled and 9 pax flexed their tough muscle to leave the fartsack and head into the rainy gloom for Death Valley.

The Thang

Jog to football field for COP
– SSH x 26
– Imperial Walker x 26
– Squat x 26
Jog to track starting line

Tiger 400s
– 400M run with Tiger Press x 4 in each turn (4 merkins, 8 presses)
– Rinse and repeat
Jog to base of hill

Jacobs Ladder
– Hill repeat with increasing merkins at top (up to 5)
– Plank until all pax finish

Half mile trail run through woods to Davies Park
– Partner up

Partner Relays
One person runs length of soccer field and back, other does exercise
– Round 1-Merkins, flapjack
Plank until all pax finish
– Round 2-LBC, flapjack
Plank until all pax finish

Half mile trail run through woods back to base of hill

Jacobs Ladder
– Up – Growing Burpees up to 3(increasing merkins in each set of burpees)
Example: round three has three burpees with three merkins in each burpee
– Down – Tiger Press x 2 up to 6 merkins and 12 presses
Plank until all pax finish
Lunge walk to bleachers

Dips x 25
Jog to parking lot

Set of 5s
– Merkins and burpees
Mosey to bathroom wall

People’s Chair – 90 seconds
10 merkins
People’s Chair – 60 seconds
10 merkins


– Very impressive effort by all the pax this morning. We kept moving the entire 45 minutes for the most part. Never stopped raining and it was as if the raindrops fueled this hearty crew. Several pax were donning rucks.
– Comic Relief – Donkey Kong pointing out a “drier” spot on the football field for COP. One thing was for sure, the pax were never dry upon launching at 0530.
– No Mary this AM as she slept in.
– Teamwork Counts – tried to incorporate elements of teamwork today, running in formation, pairing up on headlamps, running pace, etc. Hats of to all the pax for making this work.
– Back to regular workout schedule this week. Many SCLT pax planning to converge at Combine at Latta on Friday – Tiger Rag is guest Q. He certainly will have something special planned for the pax. New Years Day convergence at Freedom.

As the holiday season comes to a close, all of us need to remain mindful of all our blessings. Not the least of which is F3Nation and the opportunities we have to demonstrate His love to others. Let us all be mindful of the discipleship opportunities that come our way everyday.

That’s it brothers. Aye!

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11 years ago

Looks like a good workout… and who better to lead on such a wet day than our very own Dolphin.

The Shore
11 years ago

Great stuff Dolphin! I am going to pack the headlamp in my ruck today so I am always prepared in the future. The weather wasn’t too bad, and actually kind of enjoyed being out in the rain, testing my new Christmas, GoRuck gear. It being in the upper 40’s helped a lot. After the workout though my hands were cold enough that it was tough to untie my shoes. Makes me think, with the colder weather in February, it will be tough to change into a dry pair of socks during the GoRuck.

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