Tis the Season to be Mary…..

  • When:12/15/12
  • QIC: Ray Charles, Hops
  • The PAX: Cheese Curd, Mall Cop, Salt Lick, Baracas, Loss Ratio, Strange Brew, Skinner, Stone Cold (Ruck), Donkey Kong (Ruck), Bratwurst, Ray Charles, Hops, Lost Weekend, Supersonic (Mason Bender: FNG - 10 yr old - 2.0 - War Baby), Stagecoach, Big League Chew, Sickle (2.0), Ice Hole (War Daddy), Hacker, The Drill, Spackler (FNG - Justin Gough), Knob (FNG - Graham Hamilton)

Tis the Season to be Mary…..

The shovel flag was firmly planted, and 22 hearty souls launched into the South Charlotte gloom under the watchful eye of The Rock.

The Thang:

1/2ish mile jog to soccer fields with a lap around the complex


Ray Charles – QIC

SSH x 26 (tribute to the 26 departed souls in Newtown, CT)

Seal jacks x 26

Imperial walker x 26

Prison squats x 26

Cones Partner Up:

Far cone:

Jog down

Plank & Merkins x 10; switch

Back pedal run

Plank & Merkins x 10; switch

Karaoke right

Plank & Merkins x 10; switch

Karaoke left

Plank & Merkins x 5; switch

Close cone:

Army crawl

Plank & Merkins x 5; switch

Forward roll jump ups

Plank  & Merkins x 5; switch

Leap frog

Plank & Merkins x 5; switch

Partner rescue carry

Plank & Merkins x 5; switch

Windmill x 26

Scissors down x 26

Hops – QIC

1/4 mile Indian Run through parking lot towards North Face

Lunge walk

Modified Jacob’s Ladder on North Face (NF)

1 Burpee at bottom of NF, 6 LBCs at top

2 Burpees at bottom of NF, 6 LBCs at top

3 Burpees at bottom of NF, 6 LBCs at top….and so on up to 6 Burpees at bottom

Plankorama at top

Jog to field

Circle up for “Tis the Season to be Mary

Prairie Fire Mary x 30; switch with partner

CCV’s x 13 Left, 13 Right

Dolly x 26

Flutter x 13

Bicycle x 13

Peter Parker x 13

Parker Peter x 13

Jog to parking lot





Ray Charles with his first official stint as QIC showed he was, in fact, overdue to lead the Pax.  Strong work brother.  Plank & merkin ad nauseum had the Pax O2 deprived and commenting unsavory things.

Great to have 3 more FNGs – F3 Nation continues to grow!

Special shout out to Sickle and Supersonic.  The 2.0’s led the field in the Karaoke and some other parts of the run/plank&merkin.  Nice work young men!

I think it was a Bolshoi-less showing from the Pax on a sub 40 degree day – so thankful for that.

YHC was less than pleased when my Co-QIC Ray Charles crop-dusted me and then some during the Prairie Fire Mary.  That’s just wrong in so many ways brother.  Paybacks are especially painful.

Great work this morning guys.



F3 Christmas Convergence on Saturday, December 22nd at Isotope (Charlotte North) – Bailey Road Park, 11536 Bailey Road, Cornelius, NC 28031. – 7:00 a.m.

Cantina 1511 at Stonecrest – 5:00pm tonight for Charlotte South Christmas holiday gathering.






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