This One’s For Freddie

  • When:11/26/12
  • QIC: Dora
  • The PAX: Joker, McGee, Cottontail, Coal Miner's Daughter, Baby Boomer (WD), Donkey Kong, Far Side, Young Love, Crab Cake, Big League Chew, Cheese Curd, Thin Crust, Callaway, Skinner, Goose, O’Tannenbaum

This One’s For Freddie

17 of South Charlotte’s Finest returned to The Matrix’s icy gloom this morning for another dose of…


Mosey to nearest soccer pitch for COP in Cadence:
  • x20 SSH
  • x20 Imperial Walker
  • x20 Squats
  • x20 Merkins
  • x20 Burpees (single-count, on your own)
Count off in Twos, split into two platoons for:
  • x2 laps Indian Run with x5 Merkin chaser around entire 4 soccer pitches
Mosey to Picnic Tables and partner up for:
  • x20 Partner Squats (pax in pushup/plank position with hands on top of table, place ankles on partner’s shoulders)
  • Flapjack
  • x20 Dips
  • x2 Repeato
  • Plankit
Mosey around to the front of school to the Wall of Ball for:
  • x60 sec. People’s Chair
  • Balls to the Wall with x5 Shoulder Presses in Cadence (#crowdpleaser)
  • x2 Repeato
Mosey to Little Baby Track and find your partner for legs&laps:
  • Pax A: Squats while Pax B sprints 1 lap. Flapjack.
  • Pax A: Mtn. Climbers while Pax B sprints 1 lap. Flapjack.
  • Plankit
  • Pax A: Jump Squats while Pax B sprints 1 lap. Flapjack.
  • Pax A: Peter Parkers while Pax B sprints 1 lap. Flapjack.
  • Plankit
  • Pax A: Burpees while Pax B sprints 1 lap. Flapjack.
Circle Up for 6MFF (6 Minutes For Freddie) in Cadence:
  • x15 Freddie Mercury’s
  • x15 Dolly’s
  • x30 sec. hold (#unsavory)
  • x15 LBCs Alternating
  • x20 Freddie Mercury’s
Mosey back to Parking Lot, oh, look there’s 2 minutes left!
  • x21 Freddie Mercury’s in double-time Cadence


YHC’s first full QIC. #Tclaps to all you gentlemen for not lynching me. It was a privilege to lead, and I look forward to the next opportunity. Strong, strong work by all.

Quite nippy for a Monday morning. The Bolshoi were out in force, everyone had gloves, and when I rolled into the parking lot there sat 5 vehicles with Pax on the INside rather than the OUTside who probably were not at all hiding out from the cold (#fartmobiling) but that’s the first time I’ve witnessed that phenomenon. Buck up, Campers, it only goes down from here.

Pax chatter went to zero during legs&laps. Just the sounds of lots of gloom-sucking. Joker reports that Cheese Curd allegedly took a dive on the pavement during legs&laps… “I didn’t see it, but it was loud enough that I heard it!” Glad you’re OK, brother, you’re Qing next Monday.

The partner squats were a crowd pleaser, and likely a violation of some CMS policy regarding what grown men should be doing on school grounds.

And finally, in remembrance of Freddie Mercury who passed away 21 years ago this past Saturday, we did 6 Minutes For Freddie with lots of bicycles and extra bicycles after that.

Dora out.

RIP FREDDIE (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991)

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11 years ago

Great job today Dora. You brought pain to the PAX like an old pro.

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