The Rock – Assault on the Foothill

  • When:11/24/12
  • QIC: Hops, Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Ice Hole, Sickle (2.0), Short Sale, Stagecoach, Lost Weekend, Ray Charles, Big League Chew, The Shore, Sandbar (FNG, 2.0, & War Baby), Buzzkill (2.0), Bugeater, Hacker, Wanker, Haggis, Tiger Rag, Hops

The Rock – Assault on the Foothill

13 Pax and 3 2.0’s attacked The Rock this morning on a chilly Saturday.

The Thang:

Jog 1/4 mile down dead end cemetery service lane. 180 degree turn – 1/4 mile back to baseball field


SSH’s x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Pick up a good size rock and jog with rock in right hand over head, then overhead in left

To playground:

20 feet in swing – pull knees to chest (need a name for this exercise!) x 3

25 LBCs x3

Pick rock back up

Jog to sand volleyball pit with rock overhead

Bear Crawl (clawless bear a good idea from TR in the sandpit) length of volleyball court

Crab Walk (clawless crab a good idea, too) length of volleyball court

Jog to pavilion with rock overhead

People’s Chair: holding rock straight out, overhead press with rock x 15, hold rock out with right arm, hold rock out with left arm

Man Makers with rock x 10 with Right Arm

Man Makers with rock x 10 with Left Arm

Mason Twist with rock x 20

Jog to the Foothill (aka steep hill entrance #4 to Calvary Church)

Run Hill @ 50%, jog down

Backwards run hill, jog down

Karaoke hill (left), jog down

Karaoke hill (right), jog down

Run hill @ 50%, jog down

Run hill @ 75%, jog down

Run hill @ 100%, jog down

Repeat 50/75/100% set x 2

Run hill @ 100%, mosey down

Run hill @ 100%, mosey down

Run hill @ 100%, mosey down, sprint to tree (100 yards total)

Backwards run hill @ 50%, jog down

Backwards run hill @ 85%, jog down

Backwards run hill @ 85%, jog down

Karaoke hill (1/2 left, 1/2 right), jog down.  Repeat x 2

Super set, as fast as possible:

Run hill @ 50%, run down

Run hill @ 75%, run down

Run hill @ 100%, grab knees, puke gravy

Little baby jog back for 3 MOM

One legged dolly (hold left, move right) x 10

Flapjack x 10

Hold ’em 6″

One legged flutter (hold left, move right) x 10

Flapjack x 10

Hold ’em 6″



Philosophical discussion of Mosey between The Shore and TR this morning.  The Shore understands it to be walking, whereas TR understands it to be a little baby jog.  The F3 Lexicon is silent on the issue so in the spirit of the Starfish, we decided it would be “not running”.

Three 2.#s joined the Pax this morning.  Sickle (Ice Hole’s 2.#, Buzz Kill (The Shore 2.0) and Sandbar (The Shore 2.1).  Whether they wanted to tag along with their respective Pops or were sentenced to F3/Juvie is unknown….however, Buzz Kill and Sandbar will be joining the Shore and perhaps? the rest of his family for the Spartan Sprint in the Spring.  They hung tough, but alas, the young ‘uns succumbed to TR’s never-ending hill sprints.  TR thought of dialing it back for the Juvies but did what #TheWorldsToughestPediatrician would do: took it up a notch.  If you wanna be the man….

And I hope other Pax across F3 Nation read this because YHC is fairly certain there was a Titan sighting jogging on Rea Road with what appeared to be a poodle.

Language Barrier:  When told by Hops to grab a “smallish stone” – Wanker and Haggis (England and Scotland, respectively) grab stones as big as their heads.  Regrettable choice for man maker merkins.  Maybe you guys could go in together and purchase Rosetta Stone?

Ray Charles looking freakish in the UA shirt and camo pants.  #toughhombre

Has Stage Coach or Short Sale missed a post since starting? #morecowbell

And further – Stage Coach was faster on the hill sprints than YHC is on a straightaway.  #DieselSmoke

One final note — most of the Moleskin content provided by TR with a few small additives from YHC (Hops).

Great work fellas.  Proud to help lead a great group of guys this morning.  Aye!




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The Shore
10 years ago

Great job this morning guys. Buzzkill and Sand Bar thoroughly enjoyed themselves this morning and will be back for more. To clear the record though, Buzzkill finished all the sprints up the hill this morning and was beating most of the 1.0’s by the end (including yours truly). He did pay the price though as he fetalled up on the couch immediately upon returning home and declared, “I feel like I’m gonna puke.” Alas, the baby birds went hungry. Though is better to be up at the crack of dawn, working with a band of brothers, inducing nausea, than to be home fartsacking, complaining about the chill of the bathroom tiles. As for Sand Bar and Sickle, they gave a valiant effort, but I fear succumbed to Tiger Rag’s mind games. Ten laps after TR stated “3 more” and we were still going, we all wondered if it would ever end! All 3 will be running circles around the M’s at the Spartan Sprint, I’m sure.

Mall Cop
10 years ago

Wow, looks like a killer workout today guys, I hate that I’m DR and missed it. Went for a solo run this morning and was bored and lonely, really missed my F3 brothers this week!

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