Hauling Rock up North Face

  • When:11/17/12
  • QIC: Mall Cop & Stone Cold
  • The PAX: 49er, Hops, The Shore, Bug Eater, Ray Charles, Strange Brew, Hacker, Big League Chew, Skinner, Yankee, Dirt Track, Haggis, Cheese Curd, FNG - Rob Phillips (Screwdriver), Ice Hole, FNG Ice Hole 2.0 (Ice Sickle) Sorry YHC didn't get true name, Stone Cold, Mall Cop

Hauling Rock up North Face

18 brave souls posted in the frosty gloom to take on The Rock


The Thang:

Mall Cop Lead:

Jog to soccer pitch for warm-up COP

SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 25

Shores shoulders (in a deep 90 degree squat – small arm circles forward, small circles backward, large circles forward, large circles backward)

Carolina Dry Dock x 15.

Merkin / Arm Up Ladder – start w/1 Merkin and 4 Arm Ups, then increase to 2 Merkins & 8 Arm Ups, increasing each set by 1 / 4 to last set of 10 Merkins, 40 Arm Ups.

Jacobs Ladder up hill with CDD at top 1 to 7, and Squats at bottom 2 to 14.

COP – Football Drill: run in place with high knees and drop on command and pop back up for 90 seconds

Flutter Kick x 20

LBC x 20

Peter Parker x 20

Indian Run with 10 Merkin Chaser (turned into Indian Lung Walk w/ 10 merkin chaser).


Stone Cold Lead:

Jog to pic-nic table benches for dips x 20, jump ups x 20. 

Rinse and Repeat – total of 3 sets.

400 meter run to side of church

Peoples Chair 90 – seconds

Peoples Chair – 90 seconds

Balls to the Wall – 45 seconds

Peoples Chair – 90 seconds

Jog to fields at front of church for:

Set 1) Bear Crawl 25 yards, Rolling Merkins 25 yards, Crab Walk 25 yards, Sprint 25 Yards

Partner up:

Set 2) Partner Carry 25 yards, wheel barrow 25 yards, partner pull / drag 25 yards, Sprint 25 yards

Set 3) Flapjack

Set 4) Partner 1 Planks while Partner 2 does decline Merkins x 10, Flapjack – Total of 3 sets.

Jog over to and down North Face to dry creek bed to pick out pet rock.

North Face Jacobs Ladder while holding pet rock with rock burpees at top 1 to 5, and 10 squat rock presses at bottom (crowd pleaser)

400 meter backwards run, kareoke, run back to shovel flag

Finish with merkin jumping jacks x 15



Naked Moleskin:

Great work by all today and a couple of “Unsavory” (BS) calls by the pax for the Merkin / Arm up Ladder and for the rock hold Jacobs Ladder up North Face.  Both were difficult and YHCs shoulders and arms are sore!  That is the slowest we’ve run up North Face by hauling those rocks = smoker!

It was great to have 2 FNGs out today Screwdriver (Rob Phillips) and Ice Sickle (Ice Hole 2.0).  Sorry Sickle as YHC was trying so hard to remember your name when we met but I was so smoked by the end of the workout that the swirly snakes just weren’t very active at that point.  Scredriver did a great job for his first post and YHC can tell he will be an F3 Beast in no time flat!  Looking forward to seeing back out in the Gloom soon!

As we were finishing up the COP at the beginning the Pax saw Bug Eater, Skinner, and Dirt Track racing from the parking lot to catch up.  As a joke YHC yelled out for them to commence their penalty of 15 Burpees and was about to laugh it off and call out the next exercise until Bug Eater started whinning like my 6 year old 2.0.  And then the 15 Burpee penalty began as the Pax finished our CDD.  We kid because we love fellas!  Just remember for next time we start promptly at 7:00 at the Rock!

In honor of our brother Dora’s virgin Q at Area 51 YHC decided to pull one of Dora’s tricks out of his backpack that he told YHC about a couple of days ago and have the pax run a 2 line Indian Run with a 10 Merkin chaser.  The pax immediately started yelling to turn the Indian Run into an Indian Lunge Walk with 10 Merkin chaser.  For some reason YHC complied with the request, but YHC assures you there will be no modification the next time for this one.

Special thanks to Hops for letting YHC borrow his spare pair of gloves as I drove the M’s SUV to the workout while all my gear was in my car.

Remember – Monday launch of The Matrix at McKee Rd Elementry, 5:30 to 6:15, Joker will be your Q.  We had a soft launch earlier this week and the nice thing fellas is there’s plenty of auxilary and parking lot lights so you won’t need the head lamp like we do in the Black Hole called Death Valley.

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The Shore
11 years ago

As I recall the Indian Run, we switched to a lunge walk after Mall Cop dropped a hint for the lead runners to set as slow a pace as possible. Then, to prove his point, brought our line to a near halt with Kevin James-like shuffle.. We may have been going backwards as I think the last Merkin man was actually ahead of us after pushing out his 10. Either way, the Lunge Walk definitely sped our line up! Just sayin’.

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