Three Man Indian Run

  • When:10/24/12
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: 49er, Stone Cold, Joker, The Shore, Callaway, Mall Cop, Coal Miners Daughter, Cracker (DV FNG), Donkey Kong, Wanker, Header, Short Sale, Lost Weekend, Uncle Leo, Pinstripes, Thin Crust, Deep Dish, Cheese Curd, Slapshot, Tiger Rag, Harley, Ice Hole, Far Side, Skinner, Countertop

Three Man Indian Run

25 hearty souls out for a mid-week workout.


The Thang:


Random-Rama Warmup


– Jog to Track, Half Lap, Side Straddle Hop


– Half Lap, Merkins


– Jog to Baseball Field #1, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers


– Jog around fields back around to Baseball Field #2, Stagger Arm Left and Right Merkins


Jog to Top of Stairs for Wall Work: People’s Chair, Balls to Wall x2


Jog to Bleachers for Sets of 11s: Group 1 – Dips/Jump Ups, Group 2 – Donkey Kicks/Supine Pullups, Planks


Jog to Track for Mary – Planks, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, LBC, Dolly, Mason Twists


3 Man Indian Run – Divide into teams of 3 based on speed for Indian Run around track, plank, repeat with 5 burpees at each turn






Although it felt a bit cold to start, I’m guessing there were regrets about the long sleeves and hats – it got warm in a hurry.


I thought the small team Indian Run experiment worked well, it should really push you if you are with runners of similar speed. Great to see the numbers out this week. Nice assist on the names from TR.


Do not be afraid of the cold weather! In my view, these workouts are much easier when the air is crisp. You just have to be committed to getting through the first 5 minutes or so to warm up.


— Harley

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11 years ago

Random observations…
1. Interesting debate this morning during the pre- workout fellowship regarding whether there is such a thing as a “pinstripe”, or if that is simply a straight line. Very deep stuff.
2. Harley at the QIC is like a velvet hammer… he just keeps pounding away and 45 minutes later you are smoked.
3. With all the head lamps this morning it looked like a mid-day workout.
4. Great to see alot of relatively new guys coming back, posting at just about every Charlotte South workout.. Wanker, Short Sale, Header, etc.
5. Let’s put out an APB for Run Stopper. Haven’t seen him — or his terry cloth headband — in more than a few days.

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