“Was the Volume…Separate Knob.”

  • When:10/23/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Bugeater, Crab Cake, Mulligan, Monkey Joe, Joker, Donkey Kong, Countertop, Ichabod, Ice Hole, Wanker, Stone Cold, Header, Short Sale, Smash, Stage Coach, Harley.

“Was the Volume…Separate Knob.”

Eighteen Pax issued forth intent to pick up heavy things and put them back down again.  The heaviest object rested comfortably in Renaldo’s trunk.


  • KB/DB swings, R x 10, Lx10
  • KB /DB snatch and press, Rx10, Lx10
  • KB/DB windmill, Rx5, Lx5


THE THANG – Stations: 1 min/switch/1 min

  • Mountain Climber Hairburners
  • Weighted Heel Slide (Birthing Station)
  • Inch Worm Hairburner
  • Merkins
  • Tire Flip
  • Tire Drag Sprint
  • Voodoo Merkins
  • 3-point med ball merkins
  • Med ball toss
  • Med ball toss
  • Stability Ball Ab Roller
  • Stability Ball Tri Kickbacks
  • DB Squat to Press
  • DB Side Lunges
  • Hyper-extensions
  • Weight Sled Bear Crawl
  • Hanging Toe Touches
  • Supine Pull ups


  • KB/DB Louganis x7
  • KB/DB Mason Twist x10
  • Abrinome x10




  • The astute reader may deduce an uncanny resemblance between yesterday’s DH backblast and today’s Skunk backblast. Mostly because YHC stole half their workout (and only half because the fire hose, bands and 80’s era Ab Wheel are not yet in inventory).  Thanks to Nibbler and Rhymer for the inspiration.
  • Lots of new shiny new KBs in the gloom this morning.  We did just enough to get a couple scratches on them but the first full KB Skunk workout will be Nov. 6.  Get your orders in HERE before Friday. T-Claps to the Gear Guys for brokering the deal and Mall Cop for delivering the goods.
  • At the other extreme, Renaldo goes Jean-Paul Jean-Paul (LINK) on the Pax today and failed to deliver the Body Bag.  That’s the kind of stuff that can change names….just sayin’.
  • The stability ball and balance work were wheelhouse for some while others were a little loose in the cage.  If you found yourself slumped over the stability ball like Dali’s alarm clock, it’s time to tighten it up.
  • The April 27 Leatherneck Sign Ups on the website.  Hard commit HERE.

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