You can feel the wind chill

  • When:10/11/12
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore, Bratwurst, Ray Charles, Stone Cold, Ichabod

You can feel the wind chill

5 pax set out in the chilly gloom to get in a nice early morning stroll.

The Thang:

4-6 miles. 15 spartan burpees every mile.

The Naked Moleskin:

Many pax are busy preparing/tapering for their next big race. The Shore is taking part in the Beast this weekend. Ray Charles is doing the Dirty Dozen at the Whitewater Center. Bratwurst has the Marine Corp Marathon in a couple weeks. And Stone Cold is preparing for the NYC marathon on shin splints!

Bratwurst joins us just to warm up. After the COT, while the rest of us are scrambling to our warm cars, Bratwurst is setting out on another 8 miles. He was born to run.

Stone Cold was the only one of us to come out in the shorts and short sleeve shirt. Normally, when we get running the body warms up pretty quickly. Stone Cold just got stone colder as the wind chill took effect.

Don’t forget, fellow charlotte south pax, that this weekend is a convergence at Area 51. No Rock. Good luck to all those enjoying the mud this weekend!


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