Backwards – but not in the usual way

  • When:10/10/2012
  • QIC: Uncle Leo
  • The PAX: Coal Miner's Daughter, Far Side, FNG - Skinner, Pinstripes, Wanker, Smash, Donkey Kong, Mall Cop, Monkey Joe, Escargot, Tiger Rag, Callaway, Uncle Leo, The Shore, Ice Hole, Stone Cold + missing one.

Backwards – but not in the usual way

17 Pax gathered in the gloom for some DV pain.

Warm up lap on track – reverse direction

COP – in cadence

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x20

Merkin x 20

Squat Thrust x 10

Merkin x10

Knee Slaps x10

Burpees x 10 (on your own)

Mosey to corner of track

2 “laps” on track and field (again backwards on the track)

#1 – 100 yd run, broad jump burpee across field, 200 yd run to start, 20 squats

#2 – 100 yd run, rolling marking across field, 200 yd run to start, 20 squats

Mosey to end of field

Beast x 2

#1 – Merkins x6 at 25, 50 ,75, 100, 75, 50 and 25

#2 – Burpees x6 at 25, 50 ,75, 100, 75, 50 and 25


LBC x20

Dolly x20

Rosalita x20



Plank – 45 sec

Superman – lost count because of the signing

Fellowship jog back to parking lot

Naked Moleskin

1)      Breaking the routine gets the PAX’s attention.  When we turned left onto the track (rather than the traditional right turn) for the warm up lap, Tiger Rag was heard to say “We are going backwards, I don’t like this already”.   Good to see people notice the little things.

2)      YHC liked the rolling merkin, but across the field was too long.  Duly noted.

3)      Singing “Great American Hero” during Superman is becoming a DV tradition. 

4)      As a first time Q, I’d recommend it to anyone.  Best perk is that you know what is coming next in the workout.

– Uncle Leo –


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Mall Cop
11 years ago

Several Unsavory (BS) calls were shouted during the rolling merkins as we were halfway across the field! I was so dizzy that I didn’t know if I could Sprint the 200 yards back to the starting point.

This was a great workout and great job on your first Q Uncle Leo. T-Clap brother!

11 years ago

Agreed. Strong effort by Uncle Leo despite upsetting The Way of Things by making right turns on the track. That’s enough of that, mister.

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