Circuit City Confusion

  • When:10/09/2012
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Ray Charles, Joker, Tiger Rag, Donkey Kong, Alex P Keaton, Wanker, Bug eater, Strange Brew, Mulligan, Monkey Joe, Hops, IHOP, Uncle Leo, Thin crust, Slap shot, Callaway, Short sale, Ichabod, Ice hole, Jamboree, Harley, (missing one, Stand and Be recognized)

Circuit City Confusion

23 of the faithful , that’s right 23!,  came out in the cold, drizzly morning air to plant the shovel flag and get this week’s down Painment in the never ending experiemental Skunk Works.

The Thang:

Jog around campus to warm up


SSH x 25

Merkins x 15

IP x 25

Prison Squat x 25

Centruy Set:  Sparten Burpees (x25), Squat to knee tuck (x25), Merkins (x25), Regular Burpees (x25)

Jog back to Parking Lot for

Circuit City (partner up- 30 sec each exeercise then rotate)

1.  Hairburners (45lb plates)

2. Hairburners (35lb plates)

3.  Box Jumps and Med Ball Slam

4. Inch Worms (with plates)

5.   Med Ball Toss (50 yards)

6.  Balanced Merrkins and Kettle bell swing

7.  Dumb bell Squat to Calf raises (30lbs) and Dumb Bell overhead press

8.  Pull ups and Lat pulls

9.  Tire flips and Tire Sledge Hammers

10.  Race around track

5 Quick MOM

LBC’s x 20

Dolly x 20

Bicycles x 20

Mason Twist x ?


Not much chatter this morning until the Pax got warmed up, then the Pax seemed mad at the Century set…not sue why, YHC knows how much everyon loves the burpees (Sparten and regular)

Circuit City got a little confusing,  mainly because we had so many show up…I’ll take that problem any day.  Thanks for the strong post this morning guys even in the cold drizzle.  By the way, Clockwise is really not that hard to understand.

Tiger Rag will fight you on a normal count any day of the week and get you back on a cadence….#creatureof habit

Good Luck to the Brothers that are attacking the Mud Run and/or Sparten Beast this weekend.  REPRESENT!

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11 years ago

Today was a circus… and I mean that in a good way… guys crawling all over the campus, flipping tires, throwing medicine balls, pushing plates, etc. In May when Tiger Rag and Stone Cold launched Skunk Works they described it as, “Functional fitness by unconventional means: slosh pipes, sand bags, telephone poles, battle ropes and whatever else your QIC’s Tiger Rag and Stone Cold mix up in the lab.” I didn’t know exactly what that meant at the time, but I sure do now. If you have never posted for Skunk Works… you are missing out.

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