Charlotte South Dads – or rather Kids

  • When:10/06/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: 3 F3 Dads: The Shore, Monkey Joe, Mall Cop 19 2.0's: Thor, Phobie One-Kenobie, "Claire", "Pete", Ninja Turtle, Domo, "Eva", Hawkeye, Gamer, Tiger Man, Harry Hoopster, "Madzy", "Mary Field", Spider Monkey, Baconator, American Ninja, Ice Princess, Sparkle Plug, Buzz Kill

Charlotte South Dads – or rather Kids

22 Pax (3 F3 dads and 19 2.0’s) set out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for an animal style workout. All 4 F’s were enjoyed on this day, Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, and Family.

The Thang:

Horse Gallop through the woods

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Ostrich Stance (head in the sand)

Bunny Hop

Gorilla Walk (drag your knuckles)

Sunning Lizard Stance

Piggy Back

Panda Bear Shuffle

Fence Climb

Monkey Bars

Resting Alligator

Crawling Gator

Dolphin Dive

Floating Otter

Crouching Tiger/Flying Chicken

Leap Frog


The Naked Moleskin:

A great time was had by all on this day as about 15 families congregated at YHC’s home to enjoy each other’s company and share the love with our families.

This was supposed to be an F3 Dads style workout, but most of the dads left the heavy work up to their 2.0’s and mumbled some lame excuse like “I’m too sore from this morning” or “It’s too hard with this beer in my hand”. Needless-to-say, the 2.0’s did not disappoint and tackled the course with much enthusiasm and gusto.

Strongest, Bravest, and Most Horribly Unlucky pax – Gamer, who did the swan dive with his legs over and onto the fence post. Ouch!

God Bless the 4th F – Our families.




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Mall Cop
11 years ago

Thanks Shore for opening your house for our Charlotte South F4 family gathering! My 3 2.0s had a blast getting to know and playing with all the other kids and we had a great time posting for the F3 kids/dads workout.

It was great getting to meet all the M’s and share the 2nd F for several hours! We are with eachother 4, 5, 6 mornings a week and it was great getting everyone together in a normal social gathering. We will have to do this again and on a more frequent basis. T-Claps!

11 years ago

Thanks The Shore. What a great time at your place. Definitely need to do this again.
My kids enjoyed it…despite Gamer’s painful miscue. By the way, I don’t remember 49’er being there — but you said he QIC’d with you? Sorry 49’er if I missed you. But it was great to hangout and meet all the Pax’ families.

11 years ago

Shore… thanks for hosting the party. My family had a great time. Now that I know where you live I may just stop by from time to time — unannouced — and use your pool and other amenities.

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