Spartan Extra

  • When:09-29-12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Pretty Boy Quarterback, Bug Eater, Joker, Donkey Kong, Jamboree, McGee, Run Stopper and...PBo.

Spartan Extra

Nine men posted early for an extended Spartan prep session at the Pink Palace.


THE THANG, Pt. 1 – Interval Hill Work

  • SSH until PBo posts (x30 or so)
  • half mile fellowship run to bottom of Rea hill
  • 30 Spartan burpees
  • 10 sec hill sprint / 10 sec Spartan burpees, repeat for 10 cycles total
  • 20 sec hill sprint / 20 sec Spartan burpees, repeat for 5 cycles total
  • 30 sec hill sprint / 30 sec Spartan burpees, repeat for 3 cycles total
  • Recovery mosey, 2 min
  • 20 sec hill sprint / 20 sec Spartan burpees, repeat for 5 cycles total
  • 30 sec hill sprint / 30 sec Spartan burpees, repeat for 3 cycles total
  • 60 sec hill sprint / 60 sec Spartan burpees, 1x
  • 1/4 mile run to bottom of hill
  • 30 Spartan burpees
  • 1/2 mile jog to bottom of entrance 4
  • Sprint hill to TR’s Toy Box


THE THANG, Pt. 2 – Weighted Hill Work (and Sprints)

Grab bag of goodies: 45 lb plates, 35 lb plates, 25 and 30 lb dumb bells, 45 lb kettlebell, 50+ lb concrete block, 40 lb canvas bag of weights, and the Body Bag (Pretty Boy QB’s Heavy Bag, at approx. 125 lbs).

After each carry, run to bottom and sprint back to top (no weights).

  • Weighted lunges uphill
  • Overhead press and hold walks/sprints (KB, plates, concrete block)
  • Overhead DB Arnold press
  • Steering wheels (weight in front, straight arm)
  • Plate Pancakes
  • Plate Inchworms
  • Body Bag carry
  • Body bag uphill roll
  • Uphill hairburners
  • Plank walks up/downhill
  • Dumb bell bear crawls
  • End with (weightless) hill sprint, backwards hill sprint, backwards lunge walk, and the increasingly popular backwards bear crawl to top of hill (crowd pleaser).


Mini Stretch Armstrong, then off to Rock for another hour (and 90 more bleeping burpees).



  • This one was supposed to hurt more than normal and it did.  And does.  And will.
  • Special Metro guest Pbo maintained his reputation by posting at about 0534.  Since his punctuality issues had been amply documented  (pick any random Metro back blast) the Pax warmed up in the parking lot before departing into the gloom.  Good to have you, Pbo and stee-rong effort with the double down.  We’d love to have you back (but we probably won’t wait next time).
  • Joker went out in the hill intervals like a scalded dog and never came back.   Gone.  A speck in the gloom.   McGee, who went out strong in his own right, had to yell ahead to Joker when the intervals changed.  Word is Joker didn’t have the usual spring in his step at the A51 Q….
  • Spartan burpee count estimate on the intervals:  about 250 – 300.  Add in another 90 or so at the Rock and we were pushing 400.  #FredGSanfordwalk.
  • A few unfortunate Pax got their introductions to Hair burners up hill.  Down hill (Donkey Kong style) may be even more difficult.
  • Apologies to the Pax for not getting to the obstacles (the playground).  Seemed like we were having too much fun on the hills to leave.
  • T-claps to all who posted, especially the double down Pax, who endured 2.5 hours:  Pretty Boy QB, Run Stopper, McGee, Pbo, Donkey Kong, Joker and YHC.  Jamboree and Bug Eater aren’t racing but wanted to get their daily dose before early soccer games.  Phenomenal work.


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Mall Cop
10 years ago

Strong work guys! Especially those of you who stuck around afterwards so Hops and I could continue punishing you with our Q at The Rock.

You left off that Bug Eater doubled down also at The Rock. Don’t look now but he is becoming one of the silent rising stars in the Charlotte South Pax!

10 years ago

Great workout TR. Perfect training for spartan, with combo of cardio and strength training.

10 years ago

@PBo threatened to do this on Friday, but I didn’t see it actually happening. #TClaps

Ann & Hope
Ann & Hope
10 years ago

Impressive, Brothers, impressive. Great work.

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