Baseball Burpee Beatdown with a Side of The Devil’s Workout!

  • When:09/29/12
  • QIC: Hops, Mall Cop
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Bug Eater, Run Stopper, Strange Brew, IHOP, Cheese Curd, Hops (QIC), Mall Cop (QIC), PBo, McGee, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Donkey Kong, Ray Charles, Smash

Baseball Burpee Beatdown with a Side of The Devil’s Workout!

14 Pax ventured into the gloomy, misty morning with the Q’s deciding to punish half the Pax who already posted for a 1.5 hour Tiger Rag led Spartan training beatdown. 

The Thang:

(Hops Lead)

Jog to the ditch next to the back baseball field to pick up your pet rock, and then continue out to center field for COP – Warmup.

All in Cadence:

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

Merkins with right hand on rock x 15

Merkins with left hand on rock x 15

LBC with rock extended over head x 20


The Main Event:

Run with pet rock  in hand to Home Plate to begin the Baseball Burpee Beatdown. 

At home plate perform 2 Burpees with rock in hand including the pushup and the jump up with rock raised overhead.  Sprint to each base in position order and perform the number of burpees represented by each position number (ie run to pitchers mound – 1 burpee, run to 1st base – 3 burpees, run to second base – 4 burpees, etc. all the way to right field).

Plank it up in right field.  Upon completion 45 burpees were performed between all the sprints.

Right arm Turkish Getups with rock in right field x 10

Left arm Turkish Getups with rock x10

Run back to rock ditch to drop off pet rock then continue running over to picknick table benches under the trees next to kitty litter for:

Jump Ups x 15

Decline Merkins x 15

Rinse & Repeat both x 3

Mosey over to pavillion wall for Peoples Chair x 2 mins alternating arms overhead and straight out in front

(Mall Cop Lead)

Indian Run 1/3 mile around to front lawn of Church

LBC x 20

Main Event #2 – The Devil’s Workout

Sprint from starting point to cone #1 and perform exercise called x 6, sprint to cone #2 and perform exercise x6, sprint to cone #3 and exercise x 6, turn straight around and sprint back performing the exersice at all cones (total of 36 reps) then plank for rest of Pax to finish.

Exercises performed:

Round 1 – Merkins

Round 2 – Carolina Dry Docks

Round 3 – Diamond Merkins

Round 4 – Jump Squats

Round 5 – LBC

Round 6 – Burpees


6 Mins of Mary:

LBC x 25

One legged flutter right leg x 20

One legged flutter left leg x 20

Prarie Fire Mary – Leg throws with partner x 30

Moguls x 20


Run 1/3 mile back to the shovel flag for COT.


Naked Man Moleskin:


Strong work by all today, but major T-Claps to half the Pax who doubled down in the gloom this morning for a total of 2.5 hrs of #downPAINments on the day (Tiger Rag, Run Stopper, Bug Eater, Pretty Boy QB, McGee, PBo, and Donkey Kong).  Also Joker for posting for the 1.5 hr Spartan pre-beatdown to then high tail it over to McKee Rd to help Q #Area51.  You guys are either 1) crazy, 2) stupid, or 3) just extremely strong & dedicated F3 brothers who love #CSAUP things!  My vote is for #3.

It was great meeting a guest Metro Charlotte Pax who posted for the double down, PBo.  Great work and we would love to have you back any time!  For all other Charlotte Metro Pax we would love to have you come down for a quest appearance at The Rock any time as well!  We have an awesome campus with many amenities to provide you with your daily dose of PAIN.

Don’t look now but we have a silent star emerging within the Charlotte South Pax.  Bug Eater posted for the double down and didn’t let up at all during the second workout!  Strong brother, strong!  YHC is glad you are on my Mud Run team in a couple of weeks, it will be a great time!  It’s just too bad the other 2 #SadClowns in our neighborhood who are on our team won’t answer our EH calls and join us out here in the gloom.  Maybe when you and YHC have to drag them through the course they will finally get what F3 is!

For all Charlotte South Pax there are several of us who will be posting at Big Hair Monday at Freedom Park Monday morning.  Would love to have more of our brothers meet us at the gravel lot to put an extra #downPAINment on the week!

That is All.

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11 years ago

I vote 3 on that too. No joke! Strong work Mallcop..ill be making a guest appearance at Rock post-Beast for sure! See ya at BHM. Aye.

11 years ago

#BHM shaping up strong this week. Could top 50 PAX. #BreakItup

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