Are you Spartaner than a 5th grader?

  • When:09/25/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Renaldo, Wanker, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Monkey Joe, Runstopper, Uncle Leo, Hops, Jamboree, Mall Cop, Harley, Bugeater, Countertop, Ray Charles, Slapshot, Thin Crust, IHOP, Ice Hole, and Ichabod (FNG, fka Brett Bonema).

Are you Spartaner than a 5th grader?

Nineteen:  the average age of the Vietnam soldier.  Also, the number of Pax that posted for another Spartan / Mud Run prep session.


Warmup (Not much of one)

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 20



Partner up and rotate through 2 minute stations: 1 minute exercise / 1 minute Spartan burpees

  • 50 yard belly crawl / Spartan burpees
  • Tire run around track / Spartan burpees
  • Weighted sled pull / Spartan burpees
  • Pull up bar traverse / Spartan burpees
  • Hairburners / Spartan burpees
  • 45 lb. KB swings / Spartan burpees
  • Bulgarian Bag Swings / Spartan burpees
  • Glute bridge hamstring curls / Spartan burpees
  • Tractor tire pull (towel grip) / Spartan burpees
  • Seated tire pull +30lb DB / Spartan burpees



  • One-legged merkins (10L, 10R)
  • Plank x 30 sec
  • One legged low flutter (left leg stationary, move right) x10 each leg.  Flap jack. – Crowd Pleaser
  • One-legged dolly (left leg stationary, move right) x 10 each leg.  Flap jack. – Crowd Pleaser
  • Little baby crunches
  • Glute bridge
  • One-legged glute bridge, R heel to heaven x 6 (CRAMP!).  L heel to heaven x 6 (CRAMP!)
  • Mason twist x 20




  •  Spartan / Mud Run prep in full force.  We tried to hit several of the regular Spartan obstacles/challenges: belly crawls, weighted pulls, monkey bars, ropes, and of course the Spartan burpees.  Solid efforts by all.
  • TClaps to FNG Ichabod, also TR2.0’s history teacher, for making it out to the Skunk.
  • The two soccer buffs partnered up, Wanker and Renaldo.  These aren’t your regular European Futbol ninnies, either–neither one was seen to grab his shin and writhe in pain when within a 5 ft radius of other Pax.  Tough hombres, those two.
  • Probably won’t be many of the glute bridge hamstring curls in the Spartan Race (on back in glute bridge, heels on 10 lb plates: heels out to straight leg, heels in under butt), but another effort to work the posterior.  The cramps during glute bridge heel raises later during Mary only reinforced the need to work the hammies.  Dubbed the “Birthing Station” by Renaldo.
  • What Donkey Kong is to the bear crawl, Uncle Leo is to the Hairburner.  Knocked out five lengths when most Pax managed only two or three.
  • More Spartan/Mud Run prep prior to the Rock this Saturday at 0530.  Keep an eye out for the Preblast later this week.  It will be similar to last week’s session (LINK) but longer and harder.  We’ll wrap up at 0700 and join the Rock pax for normal workout.
  • F3 bulk kettlebell order is in the works.  Skunk Pax are encouraged to get one or more, as we’ll begin to incorporate KB work into future workouts.  More details to come.


“Seldom does an individual exceed his own expectations.”


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Mall Cop
11 years ago

T-Claps Tiger Rag on bringing yet another dimension of pain and muscle isolation / confusion to the Pax with the 6 Mins of Mary! One legged flutter and one legged dolly concentrated the effort on the lower core and took all other mucsles and force out of the exercise.

It sucked but was a great core pain all at the same time! I can forsee this becoming a staple in the F3 Six Mins of Mary repertoire. Well done sir, well done!


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