Headlight Train

  • When:09/20/12
  • QIC: The Shore, Donkey Kong
  • The PAX: The Shore, Donkey Kong, Tiger Rag, Joker, Mall Cop, Pretty Boy QB, Ray Charles, Deep Dish, Bug Eater

Headlight Train

9 pax posted to chugg through the pitch black of the McAlpine woods.

The Thang:

4 or 6 miles into the woods and up a hilly loop. The course definitely requires a headlamp so as not to end up in some ravine or stumbling over some form of wildlife. It does reward one with a good hill interval though with which to test the strength, stamina and mental fortitude required to “sprint” up the hill.


With plenty of pax out on the course this morning the 5:30ers looked like a well-oiled pack of locomotives tunneling through the woods. Alas, distance and endurance soon spread the locomotives up.

Tiger Rag posted for his first run at the Devil’s Turn today, and ran strong up the hills, setting the pace and pushing the pack.

With the cold weather, the insects are gone and so too the spiders. A special treat for the 5:15ers as we no longer have to clear the trail of the webs spun overnight.

What we smelt last week, Mall Cop saw this morning. Skunk alert!

Bug eater seems to be getting faster by the week. And Pretty Boy QB is no slouch either. Both were working especially hard this morning.

And much thanks to Donkey Kong this morning for helping Q and lead the late group through their paces. If 49er wasn’t comotose in his fartsac, I’m sure he would have been much appreciative.

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Mall Cop
11 years ago

The hill trail course on the greenway absolutely smacked me in the face! I have been making good progress with loosing the lbs and trying to become somewhat comfortable running, and then we started the hill work. Guess I still have a long way to go.

T-Claps to DK for leading the way on the first lap since this was the first time some of us ran the course. And special thanks to Ray Charles for sticking back with me on the first lap. The 2 of you showed true leadership, teamwork, and friendship! That’s one of the things that is so great & unique about F3 – the second F, Fellowship / Friendship! I’m really looking forward to our CLT South Family gathering in a couple of weeks. Should be a great time of getting to know everyone and their families a little better.

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