The Blocks are Back!

  • When:09/18/12
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, The Shore, Monkey Joe, The Nibbler, Counter Top, Ice Hole, Run Stopper, Strange Brew (Skunk Works-FNG), Donkey Kong, Mall Cop, Uncle Leo, Jamboree, Ray Charles, Bugeater, Dora, Slaphshot, Hops, Qtr Pounder, Thin Crust

The Blocks are Back!

20 faithful brothers posted on a cool windy morning to trek out in the gloom, timing was great as we launched here came the rain….then as quick as it started it stopped and held off until we were done!

The Thang:

Headlamps on, jog across Hwy 51, Indian lunge run, cross the soccer fields, to the run-down building and grab a block or paver

COP (Cinder Block workout)

Block swing (kettle bell swings) x 20

Squats w/ block overhead x 20

Merkins (alternating on block) x 15

Rinse, repeat

Knee-ups on block x 20

Block crunches x 20

Block sit-ups x 20

Overhead Block press x 20

Block rows x 20

Pan Cake block x 40sec

Rinse Repeat the last three

Side to side block jumps- 1 min

Jump/knee tuck over blocks- 1 min

Plank- with block on back- 30 sec to 1 min

Merkin with block on back x10

Block curls- close grip x 10

Block curls- wide grip x 10

Take block back to its home (overhead)

Jog back to parking lot (~1/2 mile)



The Lord held off the down pour of rain for us today, but did give us a little taste as we started and it seemed the PAX had accepted the fact that we were gonna be soaked.

Donkey Kong is getting really used to running on those hind legs versus bear crawlin’.  His regular Devil’s Turn workouts are showing.  Strong work, Brother.

T-claps to Strange Brew (FNG at Skunk Works) and only second time out at a F3 workout.  Keep coming out, Brother, it will get easier for you.

RunStopper- sorry YHC forgot about the size of the block vs the length of your legs.  makes the blocks swings interesting for you….

Gloves….it pays to read the weekly Pre-blast from Joker on Sunday (please keep that in mind).  Tiger Rag had a few extra pair of gloves that I believe he borrowed from the Matthews Women’s Floral Society.  Uncle Leo didn’t mind sporting them.

Anybody see signs of the Cinder block rash on their arms?   




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