Mud Run / Spartan Training – #FeedingTheBirds

  • When:09/15/12
  • QIC: Mall Cop, Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Deep Dish, Harley, Sparky (LIFO), The Shore, Mall Cop (QIC), Run Stopper (QIC), Ninja Turtle, Bug Eater, Pruple People Eater (Brian Regan - FNG), Strange Brew (Marc Pawls - FNG)

Mud Run / Spartan Training – #FeedingTheBirds

10 Pax gathered around the shovel flag with gallon water jugs in hand to do a little Mud Run / Spartan Race Training.

Prior to the Warm Up YHC called out the 5 of us who are participating in one of the obstacle course races in October to pour water over our heads and soak our shoes to simulate race conditions for the entire hour.


The Thang:

(Mall Cop Lead)


Gladiator Run from shovel flag to soccer pitch with a 1 gallon water jug raised over head, swap arms half way to the fields.

Mini COP in Cadence:

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 20

Flutter Kick x 20

The Dolly x 20

The Thang:

Gladiator Run with 1 gallon water jug overhead (swap arms half way) from soccer pitch accross the parking lot to the back baseball field left field fence picking up Sparky along the way.

Partner up for obstacle runs:

1)  Partner 1 sprints from left field to the backstop behind home plate and either climb up and over the backstop and then return back up and over backstop, or perform 20 Spartan Burpees, sprint back to the left field fence. 

Partner 2 uses his and partners 1 gallon water jugs for bent over rows (back work) until partner returns.


Plank – regular, right arm up, left arm up.

2)  Partner 1 sprints from left field  fowl line to right field fowl line to perform Carolina Dry Dock Scorpions right leg up x 15, left leg up x 15.

Partner 2 uses his and partners 1 gallon jugs to perform tricept extensions until partner returns.


Plank – regular, right arm up, left arm up.

3) Tactical Run accross the outfield, I’m up, he sees me, I’m down.  Run, hit the deck on call, pop up on call all the way down.

Backwards run half way back, then sprint to the fowl line. 

4)Mosey over to the outfield fence with water jugs:

 Peoples Chair with right arm curls x 90 seconds

Peoples Chair with left arm curls x 90 seconds

Peoples Chair with military presses x 90 seconds


(Run Stopper Lead)

Indian run to shovel flag to drop off water jugs.

Volley Ball Court (Kitty Litter) Session:

Suicides – accross first court and back, then accross both courts and back.

Backwards run suicides – accross first court and back, then both courts and back.

Bear Crawl accross first court, Crab Walk accross second Court.


Partner Drag accross first court, swap partners and Partner Drag accross second Court.


Run 1/4 mile accross parking lot for visitor parking sign slalom through the 15 parking signs, then run it out to the base of North Face.

North Face Work:

Run up North Face and back down x 5 with merkins x10 at top, Carolina Dry Docks at bottom x 10

Run it out back to shovel flag for mini COP

LBC x 20

Merkins x 20



Naked Moleskin:

1) Geat work today by all (especially the FNGs) as this was not an easy workout.  Strange Brew and Purple People Eater, you have taken the hardest step which is posting to your first F3 workout.  It does get easier and we hope to see you again soon in the gloom.  Strange Brew, we hope you aren’t too sore and left some gas in the tank for your hockey game tonight!

2) #FeedingTheBirds – YHC and Run Stopper have finally arrived on our second official Q at The Rock as Purple People Eater spilled some merlot as he stumbled from the kitty litter.  No shame in that as this was your first F3 workout and it was a smokefest, yet now we are official!

3) During the backstop obstacle climb several of us with wide feet, YHC included, couldn’t fit our toes into the diamond holes of the fence, but the other half were able to scamper up quickly.  The problem for Bug Eater was as he was going over the top, his foot sliped and the family jewels were racked on the top pole.  Great recovery brother, and way to finish out the second half of the workout strong!

4) While barking out the instructions for the sand suicides, Run Stopper became tongue tied several times in a row trying to spit out the same thing.  First it was “What goes out, comes back, you know!”  After several other attempts and not being able to say what goes up must come down, Run Stopper says “You know, just go both ways!”  Brother, we never want to hear those words come out of your mouth again!

5) We missed our Rock brothers Hops, Ray Charles, Pretty Boy Quarterback, and Jamboree as they took the Ms to the beach for a little sun and fun.  However, it was nice to see you boys put down the fruity drinks with the umbrellas for an hour this morning to put in a downPAINment on the day.  Nice backblast boys, looks STRONG, very STRONG!  Check out The Balding Nub backblast.

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