Soccer Dads/I think I’m gonna puke

  • When:09/07/12
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore, Kettlebell

Soccer Dads/I think I’m gonna puke

YHC sent out a request for any dads to man up in the 45 minute wait before our sons play soccer on a steamy Friday night. One FNG showed.

The Thang:

Run to Field

Warm Up – Side-Straddle Hops, Imperial Walker, In a Squat (arm forward/backwards, arm up/downs, arm circles forward/backward)

4 Corners – Run, Jump Knee Tucks, Run, Merkins, Run, Mountain Climbers, Run, Burpees

Run to Pavillion

Alernate – Pull-Ups/Dips, then Toes-to-Bar/Diamonds

Rinse and Repeat

Run To Grass

6 Minutes of Mary – LBC’s, Flutter, Dolly, Slow Bicycle, Rosalita

Plank-O-Rama – Elbows, Peter-Parker, Parker-Peter, Right-arm-high reps, Left-arm-high reps

The Naked Moleskin:

– A weekday was probably not the best time to try this out. Several dads emailed their desire to join in the future, but only one showed up today. Strong work by FNG, Kettlebell. Not sure he knew what he was getting into, but posted strong nonetheless. Next week, I expect more victims.

– Quote of the evening: see title.

– Kettlebell: 1) a particularly stout and sturdy (and short) device used build strength and stamina. 2) ex-professional weightlifter not used to running.


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11 years ago

Invite those dads to post Saturday mornings and weekday mornings. Good work The Shore!

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