To Grandmother’s House We Went

  • When:09/06/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Donkey Kong, Sparky, Ray Charles

To Grandmother’s House We Went

4 Pax and one straggler set out over the river and through the woods (and up a hill) for a good workout in the dark gloom.

Naked Moleskin:

– Distance covered: unknown. Hard work done: we know.

– It being a new month, 4 of us set out on a new trail, which included lots of woods and one big hill. Ray Charles meanwhile was still comforting himself in last months routine. Join us next time brother!

– We were worried about Sparky, who seemed to be taking too long finishing up his 3 “laps”. When we finally found him, we realized his extra time was spent doing 4 laps! Not sure what he was thinking, or if he even was, but either way, strong work!

– Donkey Kong always brings it strong these days, so not much else can be expected.

– At one point we could see Sparky’s sparkler up on the top of the ridge that served as our hill. It gave a unique perspective to the distance and height we were tackling.

– Near the end we spotted a particularly large spider web (with a particularly large spider) over the trail we were running. Thankfully it had situated itself just above our own height.

– Not sure where the rest of the pax were this morning. I know they weren’t tapering for the BRR. Perhaps they were up too late catching the DNC? However lame the excuse, YHC refuses to believe they were intimidated by the prospect of running up a mere hill early in the morning. We expect to see them all out next week!

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Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

Working from home this week b/c of the DNC in Uptown had me being lazy this morning! I’ll be the first to admit I plain just fartsacked this morning, no excuses! Will post for Devil’s Turn next week for some trail run hill work.

Bird Hole
Bird Hole
Reply to  The Shore
11 years ago

I will try to help your numbers next week. Been doing the RingRun (as well as Gamucci, AG,…) but recovering from a bit of IR. Need to be carefull ounding too much asphalt, but have always liked running the McAlpine trails. And besides, I expect DT needs a new War Daddy anyway. See you in the gloom next week.

Bird Hole

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