McGee Takes Gold

  • When:08/11/12
  • QIC: 89 and Joker
  • The PAX: Quarter Pounder, McGee, Grandmama, Cotontail, APK, Scooter Time, Floor Slapper, Mall Cop, Hops, Tiger Rag, Thin Crust, Hokie Stone, Donkey Kong, Boss Tweed [FNG], The Oracle [FNG], One Liner [FNG, and son of Joker]

McGee Takes Gold

89 [QIC]

-SSH X20

-Imperial Walker X20

-Merkin X15

-LBC/Dolly/Flutter X15 each

-3 stations at playground [3 sets of each]:

a] Pull Ups X10

b] Jump Ups X20

c] LBC X20

-Peoples Chair [3 sets of one minute] with Decline Merkins X10 in between sets

-Burpee ladder with alternating exercises [Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and Burpees on top of Burpees, etc.]

Joker [QIC]

Olympic Themed Events

– 800 Meter Race

– Leap frog [with partner]… not sure what the Olympic connection is here, but roll with me

-Partner carry

-Rock squats [100 reps aggregate in partner format]

-Merkin competition [first 3 to 50 reps win medals]

-100 Meter Race X3

-Modified Mary

Nakedman Moleskin [and I don’t mean Randy Travis]

-McGee turned out a strong performance, medaling in every event [including a number of Golds].  Michael Phelps beware, but rumor has it that the IOC has launched an investigation into McGee’s performance [blood doping allegations surfaced among the PAX].  All kidding aside… great work McGee.

-Grandmama has got wheels, showing endurance and speed with medal performances in both 800 M and 100 M events

-Quarter Pounder showed his inner Usain Bolt today, demonstrating that being 6’5″ can have its advantages in the 100M sprints… strong work.

-Tiger Rag and Joker battled for Bronze in the 800 M.  The finish has been disputed, so a coin flip or race off may be necessary next Saturday.

-APK… welcome back to the gloom… hope to see you on a consistent basis.

-Donkey Kong sportin the clean shaven look today… it’s a good look.

-Triple claps to the FNGs today.  Strong performance for The Oracle and Boss Tweed… with Boss Tweed as both an FNG and War Daddy today [58 years young!].  Joker 2.0… nicknamed One Liner today… seemed to enjoy himself today.

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11 years ago

“Randy Travis”–great cut

Aren’t y’all ready to see the last of McGee–I love how he’ll prattle on about “having to travel too much and can’t work out” while he’s smoking the life out of you

Is the clean shaven look on Donkey Kong in re his grill only, or are you talking about some full body thang? Just clarifying . . .

Reply to  Dredd
11 years ago

I’m getting tested for doping when Grandmama beats me off the line all three rounds of the 100 and I barely caught him on the 800? The guy is 49.

Don’t worry, Dredd, I’ll be back on your side of town before too long and you can put me in my place just like Bootsie said you did to some guy in court a few days ago.

11 years ago

Joker forewent a humble brag–he was far and away the bronze medalist (second loser) for the “800”. It must be noted however that he left One Liner (Joker 2.0) to fend for himself with the Pax while he grasped for personal glory, going of the starting line like a scalded dog. Might be the first A51 DMoD. If the house catches fire, son, Stop, Drop and Roll for yourself–Pops will be waiting for you in the front yard.

Grandmama (he of UNLV association), meanwhile pulls the rope-a-dope on the Pax. After a special plea from Mall Cop last week, the A51 Elders annulled his original name of Show Girl, only to get smoked by his thoroughbred gams this week at his second post. And to make matters worse, he posted in the M’s red VW bug. The senile old coot had us set up from the beginning.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

I knew Grandmama was a good athlete and in great shape to be 49 years old, I just didn’t realize he could actually win the gold medal for Decathalon on our men’s U.S. Olympic Team! I need to start qualifying my FNGs a little better as he even had me fooled.

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