The Greatest American Hero returns…

  • When:08/08/12
  • QIC: 49er
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Joker, Run Stopper, Sparky, The Cat, Countertop, Hops, Uncle Leo, Monkey Joe, Calloway, Cold Miner's Daugther (FNG and War Daddy), 89.

The Greatest American Hero returns…

14 Strong posted this morning at Death Valley. 

The Thang:

 -Warmup: SSH, Imperial walkers, Toned down version of  “The Shore Shoulders”, Carolina Dry Docks, and squats.

-Jog to ball field:  Merkin pyramid- 1 push up and hold for 5 seconds at the plank position, building up to 8 then back down to 1 holding plank position for 5 seconds after each rep (strong start and a definite crowd pleaser).  Walking lunges followed by a second round of  Merkin pyramid to 5 and back down…was even more popular the second time.  

-Jog to building and 3 minutes of the People’s Chair (2×1.5 mins)

-Jog to track for team mile run/150 burpee race: 2 man teams one team member runs a lap while the other does burpees.  First team to complete 1 mile and team total of 150 burpees wins.   Funny how some exercises look different on paper….

-6 MOM: Dolly 30, flutter kick 30, mountain climbers 25, LBC’s 30, and the Superman.

-Indian run around field and back to parking lot.

-Plank-o-rama: regular, right arm/leg up, left arm/leg up, mission impossible.


-T-Claps to Joker and Run Stopper for crushing  the competition in the team mile run/150 burpee race and then offering to help out other teams with hitting the 150 burpee mark (based on the count shout outs it appears that Run Stopper carried his team on the burpee leg…just sayin).    I think a few of the Pax experienced flash backs of elementary school and sweating through the dreaded “picking teams for kickball” ordeal.  In the future teams will be assigned randomly.

-The singing of the theme song to “The Greatest American Hero” tv show was a nice addition to the end of 6MOM.   Those singing were obviously cheating and not doing the exercise! 

-Sparky posted second day in a row!  Will he make it three at tomorrow’s Devil’s Turn??  Welcome back 89.




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11 years ago

Spliting burpees with run stopper is highly recommended… My “half” of the 150 burpees was 65 give or take.

Coal Miner’s Daughter survived his second post… Well done!

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