The 150 lb Cheese Roll

  • When:07/31/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Slap Shot, Run Stopper, Countertop, Mall Cop, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Ray Charles, Stone Cold, Deep Dish, The Shore, Callaway, Goose, Tiger Rag

The 150 lb Cheese Roll

The hill was angry at 13 Pax this day, my friends.  Like an old man returning soup at a deli.



  • SSH x 35
  • I-Walker x 30
  • Prison Squat x 30
  • Merkins x 20
  • Grab (2) tires, std;  (1) tire, tractor, (2) 50 lb. buckets, run to lower lot.
  • Pax not transporting coupons: 10 burpees, then run to lot.



  • Tractor Tire – Roll up hill, flip down hill.
  • Farmer Walk – (2) 50 lb. buckets up and down hill.
  • Plank Tire Pull – Side Elbow Plank (L then R), pull tire up hill.
  • Tire Hill Sprint – Sprint to top of hill dragging tire.
  • Pancake Plates – Hold 45 lb  or 35 lb plates between palms, 6″ off chest, walk up and down hill.
  • DB Lunge Press – 25lb or 15 lb dumbbell lunge walk to overhead press.  Up hill and down.
  • Sumo Walk – 50 lb military duffel filled with weights, sumo walk up and down hill.
  • Mountain Climbers – Pax not at station perform mountain climbers x 2 min.

Transport tires and buckets back to original spot.  Couponless Pax:  3 hill sprints.





  •  After last week’s ego-deflating 30-30 tabata with the Ms’ hand weights, it was time to feel like a man again and move heavy things up and down the hill.  Workman-like effort by all.  T-Claps.
  • Pretty Boy Quarterback started training this morning for his annual trip to the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Race by rolling the 150 lb-plus tractor tire down the hill.  Toward the buses.  Toward an unidentified Pax, head down, pounding out the mountain climbers.  Thankfully, all personnel and property emerged unblemished.
  • Incidentally, despite the glamorous handle, Pretty Boy Quarterback prefers to chase his Cheese Roll incognito.  YHC has it on good authority that the gentleman in the green shirt at 2:04 in the clip from the 2009 race is none other than our very own. Link HERE.
  • With 13 Pax distributed among only 7 stations, each Pax got 5 to 7 cracks at the mountain climbers.  At 2 minutes per, that’s ten to fourteen minutes of scratching pavement.  Strong work.



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The Shore
11 years ago

That clip is hillarious! Next time we post pax at the bottom of the hill to “tackle” the tire.

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