Area 51 – Open for Business

  • When:06/23/2012
  • QIC: The Shore, 89, Joker
  • The PAX: The Shore, 89, Joker, Mall Cop, Stone Cold, 49-er, Slap Shot, Gecko (formerly Coach), McGee, Mad Dog, Tiger Rag, Run Stopper, Quarter Pounder, Monkey Joe, Hops, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Underwear, Cottontail, Donkey Kong, Super Fly, Double Scoop, Floor Slapper, Happy Face, Ninja Turtle, Ray Charles, Jamboree, Z4, Ronaldo, Hairy Dawg, Hokie Stone, Scooter Time, Randy Schill[ nickname TBD], and three others.

Area 51 – Open for Business

35 men — and young me — gathered in the gloom.


89 QIC

Side straddle hop x20
Merkins x15
Little baby crunch x20
Imperial walker x20
Dolly x15 PRR (Providence Rd Run)

Burpee Ladder
– Burpee x7 – Little baby crunch x15
– Burpee x6
– Side straddle hop x15
– Burpee x5
– Merkins x10
– Burpee x4
– Mountain climbers x10
– Burpee x3
– Dolly x10
– Burpee x2
– Standing lunge x15
-Burpee x1
– Imperial walker x20

The Shore QIC
Sprint repeats followed by
1) Shoulders: In a squat, 20 military counts of arm flaps, Front-to-Back,
Up-and-Down, Circles
2) Mary: 20 military counts of slow bicycle, Flutter, Dolley, Mason Twist 3) Plank-O-Rama: Regular, Left arm high, Left leg high, Regular, Right arm
high, Right leg high, Regular, Elbows, Regular, Left arm high, Crunching
reps, Right arm high, Crunching reps, elbows (30 count)

Fireman’s carry, Karyoke, Lunge walk, Backward run, Leap Frog

Playground Stations (45 seconds each ’til failure):
Box Jumps, Merkins, Plank, Flutter, Lunge Jumps, Pull-up Burpees

Joker QIC

Circle it up… F3 medley

Trail run

Field work

Circle it up… little Mary


Moleskin –
1) After wearing down in the heat with a long run, there were not too many happy birds circling the wings at the end of Shore’s Shoulders.
2) Plenty of FNG’s (and one 2.0) stepped it up to brave the veterans
workout. Next week they’ll have no choice but to embrace the pain.

3) Joker and the new guys / injured guys had some fun and pushed it pretty hard.  Though I must say that our Dolly’s at the end were, in a word, hideous.
4) F4 (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, and Family) scheduled for August 4, 4pm at The Shore’s house for Area 51 Pax. Workout the whole family, then enjoy a cold one by the pool. What more could one ask for.

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Stone Cold
11 years ago

Good quote heard on Sat by a 2.0, “So, why do the call you Underwear?…..”
Nice post by FNG’s…got some great names too….Double Scoop, SuperFly, etc.

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