The Prowler’s Life Lessons

  • When:06/19/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: The Shore; Donkey Kong; Thin Crust; Countertop; Harley; The Nibbler; Tiger Rag

The Prowler’s Life Lessons

Seven Pax issued forth from the Gloom for the downPainment.




  • SSH x 30
  • I-Walker x 30
  • Squat (Low and Slow) x 30


Century Set

  • Merkins x 100 (5 min cap)


Main Course

  • Overhead Tire Walk x 100 yards
  • Jacob’s Ladder with tire (x7)
  • Prowler x 4
  • Back Flyes (w/ Tire + 50 lbs) x 2-3
  • Woodchoppers (w/ Tire + 50 lbs) x 2-3
  • Grab Bag in queue: Flutters, LBC’s, Merkins, Walking Merkins, Hairburners
  • Overhead Tire Walk x 100 yards
  • Swing Set Knee Ups
  • Ab Weasel
  • Overhead Tire Walk x 200 yards (mileage may vary)





  • After a month of breaking in the HS parking lot, the Pax moved out to conquer new territory, with a lengthy visit to the [INSERT MANLY NAME HERE] Hill and a quick stop by the playground for core work.
  • The addition of a tire to a Jacob’s Ladder burns the legs and lungs in exciting new ways.  Sure to be back.
  • The Prowler teaches a valuable life lesson:  Be authoritative and you will be rewarded.  Be tentative and you will be punished.  The only thing worse than getting the Prowler moving is getting it moving again after stopping half way….
  • ….not that The Shore would know.  He nearly caught the parking lot on fire, with sparks shooting from the skids in all directions. And then, when no one was there to run it back, he turned it around and ran another leg.  None too shabby.
  • Tclaps to Skunk Works FNG, and ironically named, Thin Crust.  This beef eater has seen a blocking sled or two in his day.  Strong showing.


That is all.  Aye!

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