Stone Cold Waltz

  • When:06/1212
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Custer; Countertop; Donkey Kong; Slap Shot; 49er; Tiger Rag; Run Stopper; The Nibbler; Sparky

Stone Cold Waltz

The VSF found easy purchase in the soggy soil and ten men gushed DNA from every pore.




  • Jog two laps
  • SSH x 29
  • SSH x 1
  • Half Burpees x 30
  • Mmmmmm….errr…..k….inn…..ssss  (SLOW) x 10


Century Set

  • Jumping Lunges (aka Mary Katherines) x 100 (5 min cap)


Circuit City – 2 Pax

  • Herniators (Tire Flips) x 1 min
  • Broad Jump Burpees x 1 min

30 sec rest

  • Pull Ups x 1 min
  • Suppine Pull Ups x 1 min

30 sec rest

  • Farmer Carry (2-50lb buckets) x 1 min
  • Bear Crawl x 1 min

30 sec rest

  • Sit Up Med Ball Toss x 2 min

30 sec rest

  • Dumbbell Punches, Standing x 1 min
  • Dumbbell Punches, Suppine x 1 min

30 sec rest

  • Hairburners x 2 min



  • Knee Ups x 20
  • Farrokh Bulsara x 20 (Forward)
  • Farrokh Bulsara x 20 (Backward)
  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • LBC x 31
  • Premature COT-ulation
  • Mason Twist x 50





  •  “In cadence” means different things to different Q’s.  There’s the syncopated, scat stylings of Quarter Pounder who, on his first Q, sounded more like he  was reading yesterday’s Powerball winners, than calling cadence.  There’s the engineering precision of YHC, whose (if I may) line-dancing mastery and mad marching band skills make cadence second nature.  And today we were treated to Stone Cold’s lilting 3/4 time, waltz-like cadences, where a single merkin is executed in three beats….
  • …..which may explain his inability to inflect on his intended last rep.  Stone Cold went Frank Costanza and stopped short at 29 on the SSH.  The unresolved chord was too much to bear and we cranked out another one.  Strong work, fellas.
  • T’Claps to the Pax this morning for knocking down the 100 jumping lunges in short order.  Everyone was planked in under three minutes.  One hundred may not be enough next time….
  • For future reference: broad jump burpees on wet grass may land you on your six.  Just sayin’.
  • YHC’s compacted ear wax led him to believe the Q had signaled completion of our six minutes of Mary, when in fact we had only completed five minutes.  An embarrassing premature COT-ulation….apologies–that’s never happened before.

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