F3/Backblast/Death Valley – 6/6/12 – In Need of a Map

F3/Backblast/Death Valley – 6/6/12 – In Need of a Map

Despite the gloomy weather outside now, 18 of the Faithful gathered for a crisp, beautiful morning at the campus of South Charlotte Middle School.


The Pax

Harley (QIC)

The Shore (RS)

Tiger Rag


Monkey Joe


Donkey Kong



Stone Cold




Quarter Pounder

Lost Weekend

Carry Swan aka Run Blocker (that’s a strong nickname to live up to)

William Henderson aka Jamboree (Boy Scout reference)

Jonathan Miller aka Grasshopper (Tae Kwon Do reference)


The Thang

Run to Baseball Field for Warm-Up

– Side Straddle Hop x33

– Mountain Climbers x17

– Diamonds x7


Run to Football Field for 6 Minutes of Mary

– Knee Ups x15

– Little Baby Crunch x20

– Mason Twists x20

– Low Flutter x20

– High Flutter x20

– Dolly x20

– Peter Parker x20

– Parker Peter x20


Run to Baseball Fields for Circuit

– Dips x20

– Donkey Kicks x20

– Run up Stairs, Merkins x20

– 3x Total

– Planks


Trail Run


Swingset Fun

– Squats x10

– Decline Merkins / Knees to Chest x10

– Little Baby Crunch x20

– Repeat


Trail Run back to Hill


Abbreviated Jacob’s Ladder – 1, 2, 7…Tiger Rag has big plans for that hill.



– We got a full tour of the South Charlotte Middle School campus, and it was noted that I may need a map for my next lead…trying to keep it interesting. I think there are lots of possibilities at our new campus.

– Well done to The Shore sporting a 20 pound ruck sack, I think it might have actually slowed him down a bit or maybe he was just trying not to show off. Strong.

– Solid fellowship in the group today and good work to the FNGs from Saturday. Keep coming, it does get easier…kind of.

– Hope to see another big group on Saturday.



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12 years ago

nice work as QIC Harley. great to see the Pax growing in the SouthLands. See everyone tomorrow morning.

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