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Flying High

16 Pax including 1 FNG escaped the rain and burned off their Halloween candy in style this morning

The Thang

Warmup pace for 1/2 mile to rear side of church for COT:

  • IW IC x20
  • SSH IC x20
  • Lunges IC x10
  • MC IC x20
  • Star Jumps IC x10
  • All above alternating w/5 burpees

Continue run around back of church, out to John, down 51 to Reid Hall

Se7ens on Reid Hall hill, Monkey Humpers at bottom, Star Jumps at top

Cut back across 51 towards rock pile.  Pickup running rock.

Mosey around to area directly behind church.  Partner up.  With partner, alternate rock exercise, while other partner runs around church, flapjack:

  • OH press with rock; partner runs with rock
  • Burpees, partner runs w/o rock

Rock work, in cadence:  Overhead press x25, tricept press x20;

Mosey to return rock. Plank abreast.

Sprint back to start.


Mileage: 3.3

Moleskine and announcements:

  • Great showing post-Halloween by a solid group of men despite the high-mileage twitter warning
  • Had a few more Halloween tricks up the sleeve for COP, but could tell the PAX may need a bit extra time, so saving those for another day.  We needed the time anyway to ensure everyone got their fill on the Se7ens
  • Hopefully the neighbor in Reid Hall appreciated the display of 15 middle-aged men performing monkey humpers together on her street at 5:45 am.  Nothing odd about that?   Hopefully we won’t get banned.  Maybe merkins would have been a better choice.  #crowdpleaser
  • Welcome FNG Exit Row.   Long story regarding Orange Whip and Mile High HCing him on an airplane together.  Trust me, you don’t want the details.
  • Great take-out from Orange Whip
  • Appreciate the opportunity to lead #F3Kevlar
  • Announcement:  Vagabond next Saturday 11/10, 6:30am, 13mi, 6 AOs, refreshements at end.  Start/finish Hickory Tavern, Providence Rd. See preblast for details and shirt orders

DV or FT?

9 men showed up for what they thought was Death Valley, but actually a classic Fast Twitch in disguise

The Thang:

Jog around lot to front for brief COP:

  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • 15 IW IC
  • 15 SSH (xtra extension)
  • 10 merkins

Warmup run to Rising Meadow for sevens:  Burpees at top, Merkins at bottom.

Mosey to Rounding Run loop, partner up.

Partner one goes CW, partner two goes CCW, 20 hand-slap merkins when you meet.  Reverse and return. 20 hand-slap merkins back at start

Again, but partner one goes CCW, Partner two goes CW, 10 hand-slap merkins when you meet.  Reverse and return. 10 hand-slap merkins back at start

Mosey back to WoodFox; indian run back to school

Mileage: 4.0


Moleskine and Announcements:

  • Gotta appreciate the cool weather this morning – preview of Fall?   Finally a break from the heat
  • Full disclosure: In classic bait and switch format, YHC revived a shortened version of an old Fast Twitch workout when it was previously stationed at this AO;  Threw in enough burpees and merkins to call it a bootcamp, but with a more than respectable 4.0 total mileage.
  • To be fair, the pre-tweet was pretty clear on the format, but apparently many pax did not see the tweet.  Is anyone on Twitter anymore?
  • Tried to keep it moderate on the pace so at least one would stay up front with me – thanks Smokey!
  • Unfortunately it didn’t seem like all the pax were so pleased with the format – sorry Fireman Ed.  Feel free to pile up the weights on me next time you Q.
  • Great to see 49er back out again – Kotters my friend
  • Thanks for the takeout from Smokey!
  • Annoucements:
    • Speed for Need looking for support on upcoming races; contact Gypsy
    • This weekend’s SFN race has Bout Time’s son and daughter as Track Commanders – need pax to help push  Romare Bearden Park 0930 Sat



Mixed Drinks at the Matrix

11 men thought they escaped all that Monday running tomfoolery by going to the Matrix instead.  They were fooled anyway.

The Thang

Warm-up run around school property to south lot for COP:

  • Burpees 5oyo
  • SSH IC 20
  • Merkins IC 15
  • MC IC 20
  • LSS IC 20
  • Burpees 5oyo

Run to rockpile to grab a good rock, avoiding snakes where possible

Mosey to lot in front of school


  • Round 1:  Overhead press, merkins
  • Round 2: Squats, burpees

Mosey to wall for 50 arm raises, 10 donkey kicks

Mosey to track: 5 laps with merkins in each corner.  Downward ladder:  5 on first lap, 4 on second, etc.

Mosey back to front lot to retrieve rocks, and carry back to rockpile

Line up on field for sprint to finish

Mileage: 3.0



Moleskine and Announcements:

  • Poor Younglove gets no love… very defensive about modifying?  Just the Q looking out for a guy who’s been absent for a while.  Kotters!
  • Tried to mix it up today ala old-school “Fast Twitch” style, with boot camp exercise to be sure, but plenty of mileage throughout – seems like it worked out for most.
  • Lot of pushing out there, especially on the sevens – was hoping to make it for a last round of 7s but the weinke was a bit optimistic
  • Thanks to Younglove for the prayer
  • Thanks for Pop Tart for allowing me to lead today, and for getting me out of Horsey (and for the reminder this time)
  • Announcements:
    • Cerberus convergence this Friday, Dredd on Q
    • Speed for Need:  Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Oct 6, 7:30AM, contact Gypsy for HC pushing.


Derby Days

15 thoroughbreds stretched their legs at #F3Kevlar

The Thang

Mosey over to lower school lot for COP

  • 10 burpees OYO
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 8 burpees OYO
  • 10 TTT IC
  • 6 burpees OYO
  • 20 MC IC
  • 4 burpees OYO
  • 10 merkins IC
  • 2 burpees OYO

Mosey to John Street and down 51 to Reid Hall

Down the hill for 7evens:  burpees at top, monkey humpers at bottom

Mosey back to church and over Fullwood to Eden Hall

Partner up, loop around Eden Hall in different directions, meet for 10 hand-slap merkins, continue back to start, 10 burpees

Mosey back out to Marion and back to school

Circle up for classic round of Jack Webb 10/40  merkins/arm raises

Total Mileage: 3.6




  • Just coming off IR from post-marathon recovery, needed to stretch the legs a bit today
  • Put the pre-tweet warning out about “Derby Special”, yet still heard complaints (and not just from Pot Tart).  Not sure what folks were expecting when a racing horse emoji is included in the pre-tweet.    Maybe folks thought it meant I was taking bets after COT?
  • Anyway, went well getting to see most of the surrounding area in Matthews.  Maybe next time we’ll make it downtown.
  • Great to see all the young bucks out there (and the veterans – F3_Cage #respect).  Been a while since I’ve been to Kevlar with all the ^&%#%@!#@@@!! marathon training the past few months.  Great to be back.
  • Fault Line and Orange Whip – Appreciate the opportunity to take the Q
  • Derby Pick:  My Boy Jack to Show



  • Volunteer Opportunity at Christ Covenant Church tomorrow (Saturday) 9am-1pm – help with landscaping for butterfly garden, particularly moving mulch and other materials.    See Paper Jam for details
  • Beer Mile, Friday March 11, evening, at a local track.  See slack channel and Pop Tart for details.



Pulled out a classic weinke for the Area51 original AO

The Thang:

  • Warmup mosey around school to east lot
  • COP
    • 25 merkins IC
    • 20 SSH
    • 10 merkins IC
    • 20 IW
    • 5 merkins IC
  • Run to rockpile, grab rock, head to south lot
  • Triple Sevens
    • Sevens across lot:  Squat thrusters, burpees
      • Plank while waiting on six
      • Run Lap: west down Spring to Tilley Morris, north to McKee, back to school, back to south lot
      • Mary while waiting for six
    • Sevens across lot:  OH press, merkins
      • Plank while waiting on six
      • Run Lap: west down Spring to Tilley Morris, north to McKee, back to school, back to south lot
      • Mary while waiting for six
    • Sevens across lot:  tricept press, squat jumps
      • Plank while waiting on six
      • Run Lap: west down Spring to Knox, north to McKee, back to school, back to south lot
      • Mary while waiting for six
  • Flutter press IC x25
  • Return rocks to pile
  • Mosey back to launch
  • COT

Mileage: 5.3



  • Apparently Area51 has become a “Just in Time” workout.  As Q, I thought I would get heckled for rolling in at 6:58, but lo and behold and empty parking lot.  Not to despair, a line of cars rolled in shortly thereafter.  As did the hecklers.
  • Lobster roll rolled in just a minute late (though not as late as O’Tannenbaum), strolling over to the pax after leisurely getting dressed.  Didn’t seem pleased to have a TL Q for the second time in a week.  Good to see you too!
  • It all turned out fine though, starting COP with 25 merkins IC that seemed to tire out poor old Lobster Roll.   Really?
  • Anyway, I wanted to get some distance in today, and considered a repeat of Joker’s favorite Robinson Run, but thought better of it after seeing Lobster Roll’s performance in COP – would be a shame to lose him at Home Depot.   Opted instead for a classic triple-7 with some laps thrown in to get more distance
  • Enjoyed catching-up with Joker on the lap runs.  Sounds like he is inching up toward the 1000lb club – ask him sometime
  • Appreciate the opportunity to Q – Thanks Abacus and Huggie Bear





Dumbocratic Monday

14 men waved off the cold and kept moving at The Matrix this morning, and endured just a tiny taste of the mutha

The Thang:


  • 10 Burpees OYO  x2
  • Merkin Run:  Circle the perimeter of the AO, stopping for 20 merkins x6

Mosey to main school lot for instructions and partner-up for main event:

  • 10 dumbocrats, switch places, 10 more dumbocrats
  • 20 pull-ups total for each partner team
  • 20 burpees total for each partner team
  • Run:  Partner 1 – one lap around track; Partner 2 – one lap around islands in south lot
  • Flapjack.

Re-group; plank; 20 merkins OYO

Repeat main event; modify 5 dumbocrats on last round

Re-group; Mary

  • Flutters x20
  • V-Ups x12
  • LBCs x20
  • Plank; 20 merkins OYO

Run to rockpile, grab a rock, mosey down to field

P1 does called exercise while P2 runs to mid field and back; flapjack:

  • Overhead press
  • Squats
  • Curls
  • Merkins
  • Squat thrusters
  • LBCs

Return rocks to rockpile; run back to start


Mileage: 3.1

Merkins: too many to count



  • Full agenda, so no time for COP today, (and we needed to keep moving anyway due to the cold), so we encircled the entire AO stopping every couple hundred yards for 20 merkins OYO for good measure
  • While waiting for a few stragglers pre-launch, the initial group kept warm with a few burpees, and grabbed a few more on the way out
  • Taking a cue from #Fishwrap’s Mutha pre-blast, brought a taste of the ‘ship down to The Matrix.  While lacking a 12-story parking deck (or any elevation at all for that matter), the AO does provide plenty of space for Dumbocrats, so treated the pax with what became a sure #crowdpleaser
  • YHC bit off a bit more than he could with the volume, so modified slightly, lest be flattened by my jacked partner who nearly flattened me into the pavement.   Note to self:  choose partners more wisely in body-weight exercises
  • Bunch of fast guys out there today – Purell, Rachel, Orange Whip – maybe should have modified with some more sprinting work?
  • Nice job by all, especially keeping up with the never-ending merkins.
  • Always a pleasure to lead The Matrix – thanks for the opportunity Pop Tart and Squid
  • H/T to Smokey for the take-out today


  • Sign-up to Q – let Pro have a break (though he didn’t let me have one today)





More Saving, More Doing monkeyhumpers

Ten men enjoyed the beautiful (November?) weather, and took a trip to the home improvement store today.

The Thang:

Warmup run around front of school to east lot.

20x SSH
21x Merkins
20x LSS
20x IWs
10x Burpees
10x Man-Maker Merkins (T push ups)

Mosey to east playground

5 pull-ups
5 burpees

Repeat above 3X

Mosey to south lot

Man-Maker Merkin Ladder:  line up at one end.  Run to other end, 10 man-maker merkins.  Return to other end, 9 man-maker merkins, etc. to 1
Plank-o-rama while waiting for others to finish

Start run to Promenade:  out back field, up Spring St, up Tilley Morris, down McKee, across Providence, left into Promenade, back to the front entrance of Home Depot
20 merkins OYO
20 monkey humpers OYO

Return via same route to Tilley Morris, stay on McKee to rockpile at school.  Grab a rock.
20 overhead press

Mosey to field, partner up for shuttle runs

Partner 1 runs with rock to mid-field, deposit rock on ground, return to base, Partner 2 then runs out to mid-field, retrieves rock, returns to base. Man at base does called exercise.  Repeat 2X for each round.  Change exercise each round:
Round 1: Merkins
Round 2: Jump squats
Round 3: Burpees
Round 4: Merkins (race)

20 overhead press, return rocks

Mosey back to main lot, 10 pull-ups, Mary: 20 jack-knife, 30 LBCs

Mileage 4.5



  • Perfect weather today for a classic bootcamp/run beatdown
  • You know its getting bad when we start sponsoring workouts at the local home improvement stores.  Next time we’ll take the workout inside.  Lots of heavy stuff to lift and carry around, plus we could use the carts and practice Speed4Need as a bonus.
  • Mea culpa on the epic Q fail, losing 3 pax (including a site Q)  en route to the hardware store.  Sorry men, somehow we lost you when we turned in the lot.  Glad we caught back up with you on McKee.
  • Lots of mumblechatter in COP, couldn’t seem to shake it, even with a few rounds of pull-ups and burpees.
  • Strong performance by all, laying out 4+ miles plus some classic bootcamp ladders and shuttles thrown in for good measure
  • Thanks to Huggie Bear for the opportunity to lead the Original #Area51 workout


F3 Area 51 Christmas Party, Dec 8, 7:30pm, Seaboard.  See pre-blast and sign-up.



Two Fiddy

Despite the well-publicized warning of hill repeats, a healthy quorum of 18 pax still enjoyed a hillful morning…

The Thang:

After a stiff warmup mile down to Rea/51, 20 merkins to start.

Run up Rea to entrance of Five Knolls, turn in and race to bottom

Pause for plank, mary, and MCs at bottom of main hill

  • 20 merkins at bottom, run to top – all the way to Macdera Glen
  • 19 merkins at top, run to bottom, 18 merkins, run to top


  • 3 merkins at top, run to bottom, 2 merkins, run to top
  • 1 merkin at top

Mary while waiting for rest of pax to arrive

Mosey to front of Whitegate on 51.   Return to SCMS, with a few more merkins on the way back.


Mileage: 6.2

Merkins: 250 (if you did them all)


  • Returning to classic Fast Twitch style this week, with roughly even mix of flat running, hills, and body weight exercises, namely merkins
  • A few men made it all the way through the sequence – Bout Time, Rachel, maybe another?   YHC was ready to call it a little early to allow time for return, but was egged on by Alf, so eventually got them all in
  • It looked like the rest came close, getting 18-19 laps each – nice push up the hills
  • Due to the delay in posting this backblast, YHC can attest that the pain from this one stuck around a couple days
  • Thoroughly enjoy Qing FastTwitch.  HT to Purple Haze and Rachel for the opportunity to lead


  • Sign-up for F3Golf


A small but highly dedicated crowd of Kevlar regulars showed up for a post-BRR shake-out…


The Thang:

Setup tires on field – one for each pax  (for warm-up and decoy purposes only)


Mosey to main lot for COP:

  • SSHx20
  • Merkinsx20
  • MCx20
  • Slow Squatsx20
  • IWx20
  • All above interspersed with 5 burpees OYO


Run down through campus to ring road, out to back entrance, over to John St., up to 51, back to top road and rock pile


Grab a lifting rock


Mosey down to front of church.  Partner exercises. One partner to top of hill 5x burpees and return. Other partner does called exercise, flapjack

  • Overhead press
  • Squat
  • Thruster
  • Good mornings

One round involved mary and a suicide.


Mosey to side of church and up to field.  Partner exercises again.  Partner one does exercises while partner two runs perimeter of field.  Exercises included:

  • Overhead press x20
  • Tricept press x20
  • Curls x20
  • Lateral raise x20


Flapjack, repeat with different exercises

  • Flutter press x20
  • Squat x20
  • Curls x20


Mosey back to rockpile, return rocks


Plank.  Sprint to front entrance of school.


Return tires to storage – one for each pax




Mileage: 2.9



  • With legs (mostly) recovered from #BlueRidgeRelay, it was time to stretch them a (little bit) more, while generously interspersing some rock and tire work – at least that was the plan
  • Really did have something up my sleeve for the tires.  Sadly, the running took a bit longer than expectation, so the tires ended up being little more than a decoy.    Such a shame as they were counted perfectly.
  • Pax (mostly) did a great job selecting a lifting rock – I know I was sore after that one.
  • However, we weren’t without some vocal complaining about the volume of lifting.   I’ve observed that the degree of complaining during rock exercises is strangely inversely proportional to the size of the rock chosen.  But we won’t mention Pop Tart by name.  Just an observation.
  • Hat tip to Spackler for the take-out.  Prayers for all those impacted by the hurricanes.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve Q’d Kevlar – appreciate the opportunity Fault Line and Orange Whip.



  • Sign-up for F3Golf


Changing of the Guard

After four years of leading South Charlotte’s premier running/bootcamp workout, it is now time to hand over the reins to fresh (and faster) leadership to take it in new and tougher directions.   Our resident weasel-shaker, Purple Haze, the one who secretly runs the show behind the scenes, has been the co-Q for over half this time and deserves a lot more credit than I for holding the place together.  As a tribute to his exemplary administrative skills, I used one of his favorite (but painful) weinke’s as a swan song today:

The Thang:

  • Run out to Rising Meadow, start with brief COP SSHx20
  • Mosey to top of hill to start the loop
    • Start with 10 deep squats
    • Run out to bottom of Windbluff at speed bump
    • 10 deep squats
    • Return to top of Rising Meadow
    • Repeato 5-6x
  • With 10 mins left.  AYG sprint to end of Rising Meadow and back to bottom.
  • Return to start
  • COT

Mileage: 6-7


  • Painful as many of us remember.  Lots of missing shirts by the 2nd lap. At least we had a little cool drizzle to help this time
  • As appropriate, our new Site Q, Rachel up in front, along with Hairball, with Alf and Mr. Brady not too far behind
  • Mostly regulars out there today, but apparently this workout was too tough for some?  Lots of whining for the final AYG up Rising Meadow.  Atypical for Fast Twitch, especially so close to prime running season.  I doubt Rachel will be so easy on that in the future.
  • Rachel clearly made the cut (in terms of speed), and I suspect is unlikely to be challenged anytime soon.  Looking for big (and fast) things out of Rachel and it will be good to have some fresh leadership to take the workout to the next level.  Best of luck Rachel!
  • It’s truly been an honor and pleasure leading this fine workout for the past four years.  And despite all the umbrage I give PH, he is truly the one who keeps it all together and running smoothly on the back-end.  Gotta hand it to the weasel shaker.
  • Thank you all for making Fast Twitch what is today.  Of course, I’ll still be a regular in the Q rotation.  See you out in the gloom soon!


  • F3 SPEED FOR NEED Charity for Team Hoyt Blade 2 Running; Goal to raise $30,000 for running wheelchairs… already raised over $22,000.  Please donate and/or volunteer to this noble cause.
  • Multiple Memorial Day weekend convergences. Please see website, twitter, and slack for details
  • Timed mile at Mountain Goat Friday
  • With running season upon us, spread the word and bring out FNGs
  • Haze/Rachel will be working on filling the schedule – keep an eye on an updated and extended schedule in the near future.