Frosty Friday with an Eye in the Sky

Frosty Friday with an Eye in the Sky

This quote says it all about today’s Kevlar:

I was blown away!
— Quote from Orange Whip after the workout

6 men were blessed with beautiful late spring chilly air, a tapering TL, and an eye in the sky

The Thang:

Mosey over to the lower school area for COP:

  • IW x 20
  • Squats x 10
  • Arm Rolls x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • PP x 10
  • MC x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Burpees x 5

Mosey out to ring road, run to east entrance, increasing burpees at each speed hump, 5 at end

Run to rockpile, grab rock, reconvene in middle of lacrosse field

Warmup: OH Press, curl, squat x10, x15, x20

Leave rocks in center

Starfish (3 rounds). Each round, do all four corners, returning to center after each corner

  • Corner 1:  20 jump squats
  • Corner 2:  20 diamond ‘mericans
  • Corner 3:  20 flutter kicks
  • Corner 4:  20 CDDs

Center for each round:

  1. 20 OH press
  2. 20 Curls
  3. 10 Squat Thrusters

Jack Webb up to 10

Return rocks to pile and return to launch



  • Due to YHC’s commitment to KOH CSAUP this weekend, the pax got a break today (at least from the running).   Note: TL hasn’t Q’d a bootcamp since 2020, so there is that too.
  • Small group today, so no space to hide.  Pax got after it.  Jokingly declared a race for the ring road segment, but Tupperware took it to heart blowing past everyone from the start (even tried to cheat on the burpees to stay out in front)
  • Big League Chew tried to refusenik by grabbing an “invisible” rock?   He was eventually coaxed to going back to the pile, but due to the size, it didn’t seem to stop the rock shaming.  Maybe his beastly triceps are tired from the truckload of packages he is carrying around
  • Boomhauer Horsehead complained about some time waster starfish, but not sure if anyone understood between all the heavy breathing
  • Geraldo was clearly on a rucking recruiting mission #nosurprise and seemed to always be out front with the heaviest rock
  • We are technically in Area 51, so UFOs are to be expected, but we were greeted by an especially bright light in the sky this morning.  A trio of 3 light beams shot down from the dark sky, and seemed to traverse across the AO.  Lots of guesses as to it’s source: airplane, spooks, Elon Musk’s latest rocket, F3_Hoover in a hang glider with headlamps?  Regardless, it seem to freak everyone out like a solar eclipse does to rabid raccoons.  (Note: This may or may not have been what Orange Whip was referring to in the quote at the top)
  • Hat tip to Orange Whip for the takeout
  • Appreciate the opportunity for my semi-annual Q at #F3_Kevlar


  • Local F3 GrowRuck event being planned for August – talk to Geraldo, he’ll give you all the deets
  • WTF CSAUP event next weekend down south – could be Indian Land or Waxhaw – check Slack for details



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