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A shot at the title

11 men of somewhat questionable judgement found themselves outside a closed liquor store at 5:15 this morning…. again.

The Raintree 5K was posted on slack yesterday, so everyone knew what they were getting.  It’s an awful route and one I couldn’t pass up while we were on hiatus from the Latin campus.

Mosey down to Walmart, cut back through underbelly of the Arbo plaza and out to the backroad.  Head back to Raintree Lane and up to the light at 51.  Detailed instructions were requested as a stall tactic by several men who all clearly knew what they were here to do.  After some complaining and a few cars coming down the road we were off.  Simple enough.  All out to the end of Raintree, around the median at Providence Rd and back to the start.  Per the government satellites tracking our every move, that’s a dead on 5K.

Recover at the end, pick up the six, complain some more, do some Mary to let heart rate come down a bit.  Mosey on to ArboView Rd for a few relatively flat loops and Merkins.  Back home with 90 seconds to spare.  No one wanted to fill the time with extra burpees.


Purell told me the last night that he has a sore arse and couldn’t make it this morning.  He did not disclose the cause of the ailment.  I will let you make your own guess.  With him out I told him I had a shot at the title on the 5K.  A very long shot at best.

Unfortunately we missed the dual between Rosie and Purell on the course.  Would have been fun to watch, at least when they passed us on the return trek.  Rosie and his flowing mane cruised to an easy first.  I think he would have the Strava crown if it wasn’t for Purple Haze and Gummy stalling prior to the start.  My guess is the Garmin started the 5K clock while we were standing around answering dumb questions and gipped him out of the title.

Astro took it easy on the first down hill bomb but then took off to cruise in for an easy second.  Haze has been running strong and let me think I had a chance on the out portion, but passed me quickly on the return and crushed the hill on the way home to take the bronze (2nd in age group for the “old” category).  Turkey Leg fresh off his second false start for Boston Marathon training took it easy on me.  The thundering footsteps were close and he likely would have passed me if we had another few hundred meters at the end.

49er made his 2020 debut, straight from the couch to a speedy 5K.  Nice work brother and good to see you.  Some reminiscing about the OG BRR days of 12 man teams with TL and Gummy.  Gummy was keeping 49er close during the run.  Maybe he didn’t want to lose him again to “early work committements”

Duct Work and Fault Line followed close behind.  FYI Cheese Curd – Duct Work was not the six!  Benny and Retread rounded out the PAX with solid runs.  I think Retread wanted to pass Benny, but Benny was topless and sweat and coronavirus particles were flying into the air and it was just safer to keep a 50 foot buffer.

Nobody liked the running after that, but we had time to kill as it was an hour workout.

Virtual fist bumps and a real takeout by Astro at the end.


Good work men,



The return of the 3 headed dog

6 Men posted at Cerberus this morning for the first edition post quarantine.  Lots of pent up energy.  Solid disclaimer with the new inclusion to not touch anyone or touch anything that someone else touched.  Seemed legally binding to me.

Mosey over to the Mattress Firm which at 5:30 AM had as many cars in the lot as they do on their busiest days.  #MoneyLaunderingScheme.  SSH, IW’s, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and Shoulder taps.

Run to a hill – 10 merkins at top, 1o burpees at bottom – three times

Some dips and walking lunges while the six came in.

Run to another hill – The enhanced triple nickel – with multiplier.  5 Jump Squats at top, 5 Monkey Humpers at bottom.  Multiply reps by the round – 10, 15, 20 , and 25 counts.  Lots of compliments from the PAX on this set.  Then do some Mary.

Run to another hill – 10 wide arm merkins at top, 10 6-inch plank jacks at the bottom – three times.  Then Mary.

Run to the parking deck for some stairs.  Enhanced triple nickel.  5 dragon flags at the top, 5 donkey kicks at the bottom.  Multiply reps by round.

A few 8-count body-builders while we waited on the 6.

Run back to cars.


First time back on the Q docket in a while and a great group of guys out there to lead.  Transporter started off crushing it but then his internal temperature hit 150 degrees with the gloves and sweatshirt so that slowed him down.  McGee wore his “tough guy, I fell off a Mountain Bike and tore this shirt” shirt.  Snowflake was all business as usual with the non-stop motor.  Apparently this was a much harder workout for Fredo than neighborhood walks with the dog.  And Taco stand walked a tight rope of wanteding to throw up most of the workout.  But he kept it under control.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout.




6 men booted up their computer in their garage or back porch this morning.  5 of them willingly took instruction from the 6th man in a 2″x3″ window on their laptop.  Looking forward to getting us back to some form of normal.

We did some awfully low mileage today at Rock Zero.  Likely a record.

Warmup:  SSH, IW, and Squats with some awkward online cadence counting.

The Thang:

5 Rounds, each round is 4 sets of 3 exercises.  40 reps of each exercise then 5 burpees.  30 reps, 5 burpees, 20 reps, 5 burpees then final set of 10 reps and 5 burpees.

Round 1:  Merkin, Goblet Squat, Freddy Mercury

Round 2:  Shoulder Press, Good Morning, WWII sit ups

Round 3:  Curl, Calf Raise, Elbow plank reverse flutter

Round 4: Tricep Extension, Romanian Deadlift, Flutter Press

Round 5:  Wide Arm Merkin, Lunge, Heels to Heaven

All that took about 63 minutes and we called it a day.


I am writing this backblast for 2 reasons.

  1. In case some PAX want to do this another day OYO during quarantine
  2. To knock at least one Waxhaw backblast off the home screen – for now.

It was some good work by all out there getting 100 reps of 16 different exercises.  No running, because running away from the Zoom meeting makes it even more weird.  Plus my neighbors think I am nuts just running back and forth down the drive way.

Thanks to Geraldo for inviting me to V-Q this week and for him and Hoover for keeping the RZ Pax going on Saturdays with the Zoom.  If all goes well this will be the last V RZ.  Plan on getting back together next week in small groups more than 6 feet apart.  Basically if Hoover can put a hand on you, your too close.

Thanks to Beaver for taking us out.


The olde faithful

A few of the regulars for WAMRAP were out of town but the Kirchoff Krew never disappoints and posted to join me on a mild morning for a not so mild WAMRAP.

6 loops which included between 10 and 35 reps of lunges/RDL’s, run a hill, Situps/Heels to heaven, elbow plank jacks, stairs, and decline merkins.  Finish early enough for a 40 burpee cool down.

Job always pushing hard to stay in front of his old man.  He did on the exercises, but Astron laid down the heat on the runs and caught back up every time.

WAMRAP the best/hardest Wednesday workout you aren’t doing.  Come out and give it a try.  Fun is guaranteed or your money back.

A fantastic takeout by Job.



Tour of the north side

Didn’t expect too many pax this AM but with the rain and the fact that a lot of guys get soft in the winter and hibernate, especially on the rainy days.

Disclaimer and launch into steady rain.  Run around campus and circle up in the original Hawk’s Nest lot.  Standard COP types of things.

Run over to the hill at the end of Raintree Ln up to Providence.  Triple Nickle up the hill with burpees and jump squats.  The rain stops so head back to cars to drop off the rain jacket.

Some mary types of activities for the core.   Then hit the track for 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m sprints with 40, 30, 20, and 10 merkins after each sprint.  We had to stay on the outside lanes so it might have been a little bit longer runs.  The Fast Twitch pax was slowly rolling along the inside lanes and clogging up the works.

Then run up to LAX field bleachers for some step ups and dips.  Back to launch and done!


Seems like the PAX never make their way up the hill on the North side of campus.  Lots of good stuff over there, you should try it.  Hops wasn’t there, but virtually complained about 3.1 miles on a bootcamp.  I Q what the PAX needs, not what the PAX wants.

Sprockets started off by making fun of the Q’s hair which is never appropriate.  Good thing he was able to back it up as he smoked through the workout.

Cobains to Geraldo who we somehow left on the track with the Fast Twitch guys.  He hung in there for some extra laps.  Hopper went to go “check on him” and then never came back to the workout.  Pro move, I guess.

Thanks to Sprockets who took us out

Sing up for Merkin/Pull up challenge





Some say its the length, some the girth, but apparently its the surface area.

…I’m talking about a lifting rock here.  What were you thinking?

7 PAX posted at Anvil.  It was drizzly even if the radar said it wasn’t, which is why Spack and Puddin showed up I guess.  Next time you wake up you can get an accurate current weather assessment by stepping outside.

The HotBox was full of Meathead Pax who don’t like getting their little fingers pruney and hair wet and messy, so we ran around to the portico in the front of the church.  Apparently that’s on the windy site of the church so we only stuck around for some SSH.  Then we grabbed some lifting rocks and headed back to the overhang by the turf mound.

20 merkins, 20 front raises, 20 goblet squats, 10 burpees.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  The run to end of road and back.

20 staggered arm right merkins, 20 OH presses, 20 tea bag squats, 10 burpees.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  The run to end of road and back.

20 staggered arm left merkins, 20 lat pulls while on your back, 20 flutter with press, 10 burpees.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  The run to end of road and back.

20 curls, 20 good mornings, 10 burpees.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  Return rock.

Mosey on past the hotbox.  Greet the Meathead PAX with 20 Monkey Humpers as close as possible to the Meatheads.

Head home.  Stop for 60 seconds while Q rolls his ankle on the curb.  Circle up for COT.

Brilleaux – quietly efficient and was usually waiting for us to finish to start each run.

Snuka – Same as Brilleaux, but slightly older.

Lorax – picked up a good skipping stone and called it a lifting rock.  He tried to sell us on its huge surface area.

Point Break – Crushing the workout and planning his VQ at Anvil in 2 weeks.  Come support him.

Spack/Puddin/Semi-Gloss  did a good amount of the reps on this workout.  I don’t think many burpees happened, but they did chose alternate exercises that were more than just mumble chatter.

Thanks to Lorax for the takeout.




State of the Fast Twitch

13 men, most with normally functioning Pancreases (or is it Pancrei?) posted on a balmy summer day for some old school Fast Twitch miles and merkins.

3/4 mile zig-zag mosey through campus to Rain Tree Lane and 4 Mile Creek.  6 or 7 1,000m to 1,200m intervals with 20 merkins at the end each time.  Several on the Rounding Run loop.

Per the Strava Pax got between 5.5 and 7.5 miles.

Per the concave/convex pectoral muscles Pax got 0 to 140 merkins.


13 would have been 14 but Turkey Leg and his airpods ran by and ignored us as he did some Marathon training.  Apparently his 7 miles is better than our 7 miles.  Great to have Baracus back out after extended hiatus on the IR and Gypsy making his way back into true form after his fall (at the Gumby yoga workout).

Gummy was there, even if he was offended by my Pancreatic jokes.  Mr. Brady, his partner with the poorly performing Pancreas was not there.  Unfortunate not to have him, but on the up side it left a couple of extra hits of insulin for the rest of us. #Doping

Purell was first on all the intervals in case there was any question.  Joker was second on all down hill segments, but his winter tights slowed him down on the up hills.

Utah turned back when we got to Rounding Run.  Apparently he doesn’t like the flat(ish) section of the run and chose to get more work on Raintree Lane.

Astro ran strong, but oddly maybe a bit slower without his super power beanie hat.  Too warm for the beanie today and he went with the flat bill.

Retread making steady work on the Rounding Run loop.  Likely plenty of experience on that one from the Mountain Goat Q.

Duct Work was all smiles on the outside, but inside a ball of anger.  Can’t push sales of new heating systems when it’s 70 degrees in February!  Thoughts and Prayers for the 100 degree days and dying AC units in just a few more months.  His guys are probably bored, good time to call him up and negotiate deep discounts on a HVAC tune-ups.  For 10% off use discount code:  Pancreai

Benny did a merkin or two.  He says 25.  But who knows.  He did post and run strong, not quite sure why he is so averse to the merkin or getting his hands dirty at all.  I’d call him a soft millennial but he might be younger than that.  What comes after millennial?  Google says they are the “iGen.”  That sounds dumb.  I’m calling for a rename.

After what seems like 18 months of Garden Leave followed by two at the new gig, One-Eye seems refreshed and enjoying life.  He said this Coronavirus will pass and he’s long on Chinese restaurant chain investments.  That’s good news for me as a Malmacian cat connoisseur.

Keeping coming out to Fast Twitch it’s the suckiest, most fun hour you can have each week.


Please keep Madison and his daughter in your prayers today as they visit the doctor.

Same for Doc McStuffins is back at home resting from heart surgery.  He’ll be back kicking our butts in a few months only now with a better scar.


Well you was doing fifty-five in a fifty-four

13 men posted in some good old fashioned Gloom at Rock Zero this morning.  40 degrees and foggy.  12 regulars and one FNG from Churham.

I gave a disclaimer as McGee came in on two wheels, but the mumble chatter was in full rage so not sure anyone hurt it.

Let’s Mosey.

Circle up in parking lot and get in plank.   “Who knows the speed limit Jay-Z broke in 99 Problems.”  My short armed compatriot, Sprockets, was quick to point out he was doing 55 in a 54.  Not coincidentally the same number as the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Lot’s of 54’s coming your way today.

Start off with 27 Merkins in cadence (That’s 54 merkins)

27 Lunges in cadence

54 Imperial Walkers (I think I heard a double dog dare to take the IW’s to 54.)

Mosey some more.

18 8-Count Body Builders

Mosey to Hot Box

27 Left Legged Little Haze’s.   Run around light post.

27 Right Legged Little Haze’s.  Run around light post.

again with the left and again with the right.

Mosey to front parking lot.

Island suicides with 9 stops.  Down there do 6 Flutters, down here do 6 full sit-ups each round.


18 8-Count Body Builders


Island suicides from the other side.  Down there do nothing, down here do 6 burpees each round.


18 8-Count Body Builders

Stomach and sprints to kill time.



Good group who ground out 4 miles today without leaving campus.  No quitting out there even on the long suicides.  Mule was an FNG from from Churham who’s boss told him to come.  He had a job where he did insurance valuation for marijuana that had been stolen.  (And other lost crops, but I stopped listening after marijuana).  Anyway, Mule.  His boss is Uzi, not asking how he go that one.

FWIW – McGee knows jack squat about NFL football.

Missing a name that was jumbled on the voice recording.  Apologies.

Other stuff likely would have happened, but the mumble chatter shut down quickly after Round 1 of the 8 count body builders.

Thanks to Sprockets for the takeout.

Continued prayers for Doc McStuffins recovery and Madisons’ daughter.



Getting in the way of the 6AM shift at Whole Foods

Start of WAMRAP 2020 today.  Come join us if you want to get better.  Here’s what we did today.

Run to back of Whole Foods.

Lunge Walk 25 yards

Run to railings

5 Supine Pull ups and 5 Derkins with feet on the rail

Back behind Whole Foods to Lunge Walk 25 yards

Run up the deck stairs.  5 burpees on Level 4, 5 Heels to Heaven on Level 3, 5 Donkey Kicks on Level 2.  Back to the bottom and head out behind Whole Foods.  Start over with 25-yard Lunge Walk

Add 5 reps each round.  All men were on or complete with the 6th round when time was called.


Back of Whole Foods had a lot of traffic for the arriving 6am shift.  Clearly quick decision making isn’t part of the training program at WF as most of the cars struggled to decide on where to park in an empty parking lot.  Hot Yoga making himself a permanent fixture at WAMRAP, showing up and grinding nearly every week.  Fingerless glove Job did not get full gloves for Christmas.  Must have missed being on the good list.  Surely he enjoyed grabbing that iron railing for pull ups.  Astro posting back regularly to build back some upper body after a long fall of run-only workouts.  For some reason Horsehead couldn’t find a more appealing option and posted at WAMRAP.  I don’t think he enjoyed all the burpees, but good to have him out.


Thanks to Astro for the takeout.




7 men were at Cerberus.  4 of them combined for 200+ years of life experience.  All were strong. 

26 degrees so mosey warm up to the deck for COP.  Standard SSH, Squats, Merkins, etc.  Some trips up the deck with Merkins, Jump Squats, RDL’s and Burpees.  Pausing for the six with some Peoples Chair.

6 MOM to get those washboard abs.  Still some time and not wanting to cool off we hit 3 stair cases with 5 burpees at the top of each staircase.


This wordpress gets harder to use each and everytime.  None the less, we had a good group out this morning with good 2nd F chatter and solid efforts by all.  Shop and I finished up the Q Source for the year, but there is a chance to start it all again with us.  We are going to restart and re-discuss all of the topics kicking off Jan 3rd.  Please join us. 

Astro with the take out (I think??)