6 men booted up their computer in their garage or back porch this morning.  5 of them willingly took instruction from the 6th man in a 2″x3″ window on their laptop.  Looking forward to getting us back to some form of normal.

We did some awfully low mileage today at Rock Zero.  Likely a record.

Warmup:  SSH, IW, and Squats with some awkward online cadence counting.

The Thang:

5 Rounds, each round is 4 sets of 3 exercises.  40 reps of each exercise then 5 burpees.  30 reps, 5 burpees, 20 reps, 5 burpees then final set of 10 reps and 5 burpees.

Round 1:  Merkin, Goblet Squat, Freddy Mercury

Round 2:  Shoulder Press, Good Morning, WWII sit ups

Round 3:  Curl, Calf Raise, Elbow plank reverse flutter

Round 4: Tricep Extension, Romanian Deadlift, Flutter Press

Round 5:  Wide Arm Merkin, Lunge, Heels to Heaven

All that took about 63 minutes and we called it a day.


I am writing this backblast for 2 reasons.

  1. In case some PAX want to do this another day OYO during quarantine
  2. To knock at least one Waxhaw backblast off the home screen – for now.

It was some good work by all out there getting 100 reps of 16 different exercises.  No running, because running away from the Zoom meeting makes it even more weird.  Plus my neighbors think I am nuts just running back and forth down the drive way.

Thanks to Geraldo for inviting me to V-Q this week and for him and Hoover for keeping the RZ Pax going on Saturdays with the Zoom.  If all goes well this will be the last V RZ.  Plan on getting back together next week in small groups more than 6 feet apart.  Basically if Hoover can put a hand on you, your too close.

Thanks to Beaver for taking us out.


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