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“Whatsup dude. You interested in Q-ing Sparta on Feb 20th?” – Christmas

“That would mean I need to run 4 miles.” – Tolkien

“4.5 … I got you down.” – Christmas

“#voluntold. I have a month to get in shape.” – Tolkien


Well, YHC never did get in shape, but was honored to cover miles 50-54.06 of 2020 with my F3 brothers.  We also did 4.06 miles on the Strava, not 4.5 miles so it was a #fail.  Route was inspired by the first snowmageddon, and a set of hills across from Crestdale Middle.  CMS was so awesome to let the kids out of school early, but closed down access from Sam Newell Road and had parents park in the neighboring apartments to go get our kids. Genius idea, if everyone knew that, and noone did.  So the point was to make a workout just as much of a trainwreck as dysfunctional as CMS decisions. Mission accomplished. We ran around back streets, forwards, sideways, and backwards, did a bunch of merkin variations, lots of WW2 situps, burpees, and even a set of Dragon Flags.  Awesome to see Cage outperform most of us as a double respect. Gypsy didn’t break both ankles again. He’s undefeated W16-0L against humans in fights but 0-2 against potholes. Christmas bit for the Strava crown which I didn’t create. Benny had flashbacks the entire workout of his leg getting absolutely slammed by a car, while Madison ditched him and ran the other way… again. Sorry for crossing so many major streets brother.  Retread and Jazz hands caught YHC by the end of the workout.  Solid work by all, and enjoyed being out with you all, even though it’s been few and far between lately. #Mammon


Won’t you sign up for 1, just 1 SPEED FOR NEED race this year? You won’t regret it… check www.speedforneed.org for the calendar, and let someone know. On slack there is a #speedforneed channel. Thank you in advance

~JRR Tolkien

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