When In Doubt, Merkin!

When In Doubt, Merkin!

13 pax came out after work and school to get a late day workout. If you haven’t had a chance to post at Clyent Dinner; get out there. It’s a great group of guys and 2.0’s that work really hard. Orange Justice handed me a note after the workout; thanking me for leading. We have this great opportunity to teach our 2.0’s about the 3 F’s in which F3 stands for. Since Cylent Dinner had the highest 2.0 posting; I suggest you get there so they can continue to see and feel what F3 is about.


Warm Up

  • Long run to baseball fields
  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Merkin Ladders (55 in total)
  • LS Squat x 20


Run to rear football lot behind HS

  • Suicides across the parking lot with 2 burpees at each turnaround
  • Paula Abdul the light post up the rear drive – 2 burpees out and 5 merkins at return

Run to HS out cove

  • Air Press x 20
  • Donkey Kicks x 20
  • Jack Webb (1 mike Tyson to 4 donkey kicks) x 5

Run to MS rear benches (Partner Work)

  • Derkins x 100
  • Irkins x 100
  • Dips x 200
  • LBC x 200

Run to launch

Irkins to finish


Great to see the numbers at Clyent Dinner continue to grow. It’s a great opportunity to get new guys out that are scared of waking up at 5am.

Announcements: Christ Closet – Thank you to everyone that assisted.


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