Keep Your Eyes on the Poop

Keep Your Eyes on the Poop

It was a balmy 54 degrees and thankfully the rain held off.  YHC was worried the odd numbers would throw a wrench into his partner-work plans, but thankfully Frehley’s Comet came screeching into the lot as the clock struck 5:30.  Diics given and away we went.


SSH x 25 IC

Peter Parkers x 15 IC

Hillbillys x 20 IC

Explosive Merkins x 10 civilian count


The Thang:

Much to the chagrin of the assembled PAX, burpees and hill-sprints on a water-logged hill were on tap first.  Working in pairs, Partner 1 had to run up and down the hill 2x while partner 2 stayed behind and did burpees.  Switch.  Continue to alternate between burpees and running until each pair reached 100 burpees cumulatively.  If a pair finished early, continue hill-sprints until all PAX complete.

Afterwards, we crossed Elm and ran to the rock pile at the base of the Murderhorn.  Everyone grabbed a lifting rock, and completed 2 rounds of the following on my count:

10 Overhead Lunges (5 per side)

15 Bent Over Rows

20 Goblet Squats


Next we assembled at the base of the Murderhorn for a modified Triple Nickel of sorts:

5 Explosive Merkins at the bottom of the Horn, 5 more at the top of the Horn, 5 more at the bottom.


We then mosey-d back to launch for a quick round of sprints and bear crawls.  Capped the morning off with Mary.



YHC learned an important lesson today.  Promising loads of burpees in a pre-blast may have an impact on headcount the next morning.  Collectively, we also learned that when doing Mary next to a pile of excrement, never lose sight of it, because you never know when the lights in the parking lot will go out, forcing you to guesstimate it’s location.


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