The Playlist

The Playlist

Intro: A little foreshadowing never hurts. In other words, if you know what is coming, it helps you to prepare your mind. I don’t believe that the PAX had a magic 8 ball, but most could feel that the board of pain was on the horizon. It may have even ended up on twitter. They must have read my mind. However, no one new what the background music/ PLAYLIST would be….

A couple of new faces this morning. Therefore a very caring disclaimer was given.

The Thang:

20xsidestraddle hop

10xgood morning nashville

20xemperial walker

Mosey to the front doors of South Charlotte Middle and right there behind the trash can was the board. Mind you, the playlist of pain (a list of 12 exercises, you do 20 of each and run a lap. Oh, just use your imagination), was not new – but the beats were.

Moleskin: I knew there was trouble when Dollywood exclaimed that his dad would love my playlist, which was Classic Rock Drive from Spotify. Grant it the bands were: REO Speedwagon, Boston, the Boss, Leonard Skynard, and many more… However, I think it was Journey’s song from Caddy Shack that left the biggest mark. Puddin’ could barely contain himself (Puddin’ is quite a golfer – ya know). It was about 6am when it came on. I noticed that Chin Music had checked out. I am sure it was because Bryan Adams had not played yet. But also, Dollywood had split.

I was concerned about the PAX leaving early. So, I gave DW a text to make sure he wasn’t injured. Maybe he had to leave for daddy duty. The response was “opposite… it made me want to have a baby… had to get out there to take care of business.” In the words of Journey, “any way you want it, that’s the way you need it. Anyway you want it.” Well played Dollywood. Well played!

Thanks to Tulip for the prayer. I thought we were going to take up a collection or have communion afterwards. Some great missional thoughts about grace and living a life of worship that brings the kingdom!

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1 year ago

Smokey that #BoardOfPain never gets easier. Enjoyed the playlist which took my mind off the pain a little bit. Definitely not a millennial friendly playlist.

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