Storming the Beaches of ELE

Storming the Beaches of ELE

8 pax on a humid Thursday for this week’s episode of Meathead.  3 pax were crazy enough to show up for a Meatrunner.  At least one pax (YHC) regretted it when the workout started.  A quick disclaimer was given and little history reminder of the importance of this day 75 years ago.  YHC then informed the pax that this workout was put together with that day in mind.  If there were any objections, they were lost in a cacophony of YHC’s loud choices in music.

The Thang:

75th Anniversary of D-Day set

25 Swings

5 merkins

5 goblet squats

5 OH Press

5 Good Mornings

5 bell thrusters

Repeat 3 times for 75 swings and 75 combined reps of the other exercises.

Operation Overlord set

Suitcase or overhead carry KB to designated spot in the parking lot (approximately 66 meters)

11 4-count flutter press

Suitcase carry back to starting point (approximately 66 meters)

11 4-count Leuganis

Suitcase or overhead carry KB to designated spot in the parking lot (approximately 66 meters)

11 4-count flying squirrels (without the merkin, but with the jump at the end)

Suitcase carry back to starting point (approximately 66 meters)

11 two handed curls / 11 two handed tricep extensions (repeat for 22 of each)

75 years ago, 6-6-44, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy.  The idea for this set was to remember 6-6-44 or 66(meters) and 44 reps.  With the distance covered as a reminder of the allied troops who traveled up the beaches under rucks weighing as much as 80 pounds.

The pax ran through both sets two times.  The only difference was replacing the flying squirrels (should have worn gloves) with cleans (11 on both sides) and snatches (11 on both sides)


11 4 count flutter press

11 4 count leuganis

11 Dolly (in cadence is 22) + 11 Rosalita (in cadence is 22)

Another round of 11 cleans per side and 11 snatches per side to finish it out


Beach-storming Moleskin:

Got asked by Voodoo to fill in yesterday afternoon and for once I’m in town so a chance to Q felt good.  I was also the first pax that wasn’t on IR from the Voodoo go-to list.  Hoping the others heal up soon.

Speaking of IR, Plasma was back from IR today.  Good to see him again.  We also had some (new to me) pax in the mix this morning.  Nice to meet Swift and Victoria, hope to see you gentlemen again.  Spackler decided a Meatrunner was in order with Voodoo and YHC.  Not sure he’s going to repeat that mistake anytime soon.  YHC was outrun by both but none of us were any more ready for the workout that followed.  Schmedium and Sould Glo were silent assassins today, putting in the work with little room for mumbelchatter.  Voodoo was the observant site-Q as usual helping Victoria and Swift with their clean and snatch forms.

Today’s workout was inspired by the GoRuck June challenge.  Pledge some miles, do some workouts, support a good cause.  YHC’s workout required no pledge other than to show up and put the work in,but no patch or cool t-shirt either.  It was simple but effective with no overhead.  I wanted the pax to stay together on the exercises.  I drew a parallel to the boats on D-Day dropping troops onto the beaches.  Each man was responsible for getting himself off that boat, and the CO was responsible for making sure they all moved together.  Thankfully, it mostly worked.

As always, it’s an honor and a privilege to lead.  Thanks to Voodoo for asking.

If you get a chance today or tonight, take a moment to remember what the world endured 75 years ago.  Forces of tyranny shook the world to it’s core and the one thing that brought us back from the brink were the sacrifices of good men and women.  Be it their time,

YHC had the take-out.


Beer mile – tomorrow.  Not an F3 sanctioned event, but the participants are all in F3.  Only slackers know where to find the details.

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VoodooPosted on5:59 pm - Jun 6, 2019

Hoover, thank you for taking the lead today on short notice. And thank you for putting together a challenging and thoughtful workout. Whose idea was that pre-run anyway? Oh, yeah, it was you!

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