Respect your Q, and for the kids’ sake – keep your shirt on.

Respect your Q, and for the kids’ sake – keep your shirt on.

A shovel flag was planted, but not the Hydra one…do you know why? Because Gummy & Sprockets have not commandeered one yet. YHC brought the Hawks Nest SF…it travels. Pretty sure DK melted down the original Hydra SF to make some medieval looking lance or sword.

So the veteran pax was disclaimed, quite poorly…though I did ask if anyone had any questions. Spackler raised his hand, but I dared not acknowledge.

We launched at 05:30:13 into the Area51 gloom, immediately departing from OPES and heading across Rea to the Methodist church. One of the pax rightly pointed out the Q-drenaline…it dissipated quickly. Circle up for COP in the lot. Site Q Gummy and some other veterans had rudely closed a few of the pax out of the circle, so YHC corrected that…come on!

We did some exercises which included H-R merkins, slow squats, IW’s, and then 25 flutters that illicited some mumble chatter. Also threw in 5 H-R burpees…refuseniking already in full force. The form on IW’s reminded of the GIF YHC posted yesterday of SSH’s….always surprising how different and atrocious is the form of some pax on the simplest of exercises. Keeps it entertaining if nothing else.

We then ran to Evelyn’s Rock’s Hill (is that a thing? it is now). Partner up for some 7’s. Handslap merkins at top and partner derkins at the bottom. Semi-Gloss was YHC’s partner, and mercifully still had his shirt on at this point. Much more to come on that later.

Not sure who was out front, who was behind and who was skipping reps, but I seem to remember Sleepy’s tandem being out front. Methinks he should post more than once a week…ask the M. for permission. You, too, Queen – you should try a gloomy morning other than Thursday.

Good to have Hopper back in the gloom, fully off IR…though burpees may never be in his repertoire again? Amber apparently does burpees all the time. More on burpees later.

The pax then headed back on Summerlin towards OPES and then again to the church lot for some rock work. We didn’t get much rock work in – a couple sets of thrusters and some Mary. YHC got rattled by some incoming traffic, and called off the rock work. There was some weeping and gnashing of teeth, but Harley was glad to redeposit his rock in the ditch.

Before bailing on the rock work; however, my aforementioned partner Gloss decided to take off his shirt #ohthehumanity and further desecrated both the church property and the Q by throwing the shirt at YHC as I tried to Q the unruly pax. Would have spilled merlot had that garment landed on me rather than next to me. #closecall

We headed back to OPES for some People’s Chair to include some overhead press. Vaguely recall Puddin’ or someone chasing Marge off the wall with some sort of bodily excretion…colloidal in structure no doubt.

We then moseyed to the grass field for an extended session of Mary (11.23 minutes). Pax circled up, and each took a turn in center doing 5 burpees while the rest of the pax did the called Mary, Plankorama, etc. Even the refuseniks did the 5 burpees…though they returned to their place in the circle and sat as though they were sitting at the pool sunning themselves. You know who you are. The form was quite varied, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated. You guys really can do burpees….so armed with that info, after about a 40 yard lunge walk – we did 5 more H-R burpees.


There were some announcements:

1 – F3MASH launches Monday morning at same time and AO as Basecamp (South Charlotte MS on Strawberry Ln) at 0530. This is for pax not yet fully off IR that want to get some work in, but more importantly to get some 2nd F which is more vital than the 1st F. We all know that. It’s our pride that impedes our admitting such.

2 – Beer Mile on Friday, June 7th – see Gummy or Pop Tart? or someone else for details.

3 – Paint Ball with 2.0’s the next day on Saturday, June 8th. Definitely see Pop Tart if interested in that.

A great takeout prayer by Puddin’. Thanks brother.

…and now for some other sundry observations:

  • T-claps to One Eye, Sprockets and Amber for running in, and to Amber for the burpee tutorial
  • T-claps(ish) to Sleepy for bicycling in
  • Can’t let this backblast end without mentioning that not only did Gloss go shirtless at about 0556; but he left his shirt behind in the parking lot. Puddin’ noticed the green gases coming off of the maroon monstrosity, and picked it up asking what should we do with it? If only OPES still had a trash incinerator.

Always love Q’ing. Great turnout this morning. Love the 2nd F at Hydra. Hope the 1st F was good enough. I did have us at 2.41 miles (finally figured out how to use my Garmin)…which is way more than we should have done at a bootcamp. You’re welcome…I think.

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HIPAAPosted on3:24 pm - May 30, 2019

Glorious morning today. Nothing like rolling around in freshly-cut grass clippings for some Botanical Burpees.

All the “hand release” variations makes me think Hops is a little suspicious of the form being used at The Hydra these days. I wonder what would give him that impression….

#tclaps to Hops for using #colloidal properly in a sentence.

Has been a long time since I have seen a burpee as majestic as Amber’s. Stunning.

#kotters to Spare Parts who hasn’t been out with us in a while and, if I recall, had his first bell at Hydra last year.

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