Double Coupon Thursday

Double Coupon Thursday

22 Pax showed up on this humid May morning
The Thang:After a warmup up lap around OPES, i dropped the tailgate on Big Red to reveal 6 coupons (oak and maple logs).  Broke down in groups of 4 and 5 pax and ran down Rea carrying the coupon, handing off to other PAX as necessary, until we reached the canon.  Dropped the coupons at the top of the hill.-50 LBC-Top of hill, 5 each side reverse lunge, run down the hill to canon, 5 jump squats, rinse and repeat 4 times

Pick up coupons (Semi gloss was upset someone dropped his coupon in the wet grass) and started running down the hill, hang a left at the stop sign and up Castle Gate to to next stop sign and dropped coupons.
50 mtn climbers
Picked up coupons. Left on Knightswood, right on Foxworth, stopped at the end of Foxworth where we weren’t likely to get run over by a car.  Dropped coupons.
-Mini Merkin Death Spiral: 10 merkins, rest, 20 merkins, rest, 30 merkins, rest, 20 merkins, rest, 10 merkins.

Pick up Coupons and head up Windyrush, right on Rea back to OPES.  Deposited coupons back in Big Red.  Walked over to the school entrance.
-Peoples Chair (alternating air presses and derkins)
Announcements:June 7th, Beer mile, details to come
June 8th Paintball, details to come
Nice job on the take out Sprockets!
Observations:-No one carries a coupon on their shoulder like Puddin’ Pup.  Nice Work!-Gummy is not afraid to volunteer a time check..Guess he was in a hurry-like the new site Qs, bigly job so far (keep it up, you’ve got biglier shoes to fill [shout out to Queen and Marge] ).  

Announcements:June 7th, Beer mile, details to come
June 8th Paintball, details to come

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HopperPosted on4:41 pm - May 16, 2019

What is the statute of limitations on posting a backblast? This may be the first time I have seen one posted from the prior week AFTER the one for the current week was posted. Anyone have a ruling on that?

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