Variety is the spice of life

Variety is the spice of life

My inaugural Meathead Q was supposed to be next week, but HT texted earlier in the week to switch… so here I am. After a brief disclaimer we jumped right in…


  1. Halo
  2. Figure 8
  3. Prying squats
  4. SSH (with Bell) x 15 IC
  5. Two handed swings – 20 OYO

Segment 1 (3 cycles)

  1. COMBO: Clean & Press – Left x 10
  2. COMBO: Clean & Press – Right x 10 
  3. Lawn mower – Left x 10
  4. Lawn mower – Right x 10
  5. COMBO: Squat thruster x 20

Intermission: Partner up (same sized bell if possible)

  • Partner 1: Farmer carry (to other end of lot)
  • Partner 2: Merkins
  • Flapjack

Segment 2 (3 cycles)

  1. COMBO: Squat / Side lunge x 10 to each side (audible to 5 each side after 1 cycle)
  2. COMBO: Dead lift / Upright Row x 20 (audible to 15 after 1 cycle)
  3. Snatch – Left x 10
  4. Snatch – Right x 10

Intermission – Partner up (same sized bell if possible)

  • Swings (Doubles) – partner 1 excercises while partner 2 rests

Segment 3 (3 cycles)

  1. Plank grab x 20 (each move is 1)
  2. COMBO: Tricep press with Skull crusher while in glute bridge x 20 
  3. Louganis x 20 (audible to 15 and then 10 for cycles 2 and 3)


My very first Meathead Q today. May not be invited back, but everyone got some work in. As I prepared the workout, it seemed to me that there is a very limited set of “Russian pure” KB exercises (that I know about), so decided to throw a few new things in for some variety (it’s the spice of life you know) and to see if they’d stick. Don’t think they will… the SSH with bell was good for a few laughs, if not a blown knee or head injury. I threw in a couple more twists, but the majority of the workout from this point forward was KB pure though…may have been a little aggressive with the reps, but easy enough to modify. Pax suggestions were taken throughout.

Had to pull out the Weinke very early in the workout… not even 50 yet and already forgetting everything. The pax let me slide though… Figure I’d given them enough material already with the SSH debacle.

Playlist got a few compliments. Put this one together especially for this workout…mostly 90’s grunge to take many of us back to our high school and college days. Even through in the Rocky IV training montage to give us the extra push as we worked through the final segment. TR mistakingly associated the tune with the 1980s (wrestling?) flick VisionQuest that is more aptly known by Madonna hit “Crazy for you”, which was definitely not on my playlist. Maybe next time.

Strong work by all. Thanks for putting up with me. Make fun in the comments.


Cheese Curd talked about some nonsense about doing a Go Ruck Tough and a Savage together on May 17/18th. Ask him for details.

Header – thanks for the take-out.

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VoodooPosted on9:03 pm - May 10, 2019

Thank you for making your Meathead VQ, Baracus! It’s hard to believe that an Area 51 OG and pretty regular poster has never Qed here before, but glad we finally got you on the calendar. The reps may not look too bad to someone that didn’t post, but they certainly added up. YHC is still sore!

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