Field Trip

  • When:05/08/2019
  • QIC: Dasher

Field Trip


Bottle Cap, Lazy boy (R), Strawberry, One Star, Dancing Bear, Foley (R), Fiji, The Haw (Blake Upchurch), Rubbermaid (R), Jingles, Cobbler, Short Sale (R), Dana, Good Fella, Centerfield, Over Draft (R), My Pleasure, Transporter, Swimmers, Boitano, Grease Monkey (R), Endo, Abacus (R) , Old McDonald (R), Tuck, Hollywood, Garbage Plate, Bounce House (2.0), Pocahontas, Soft Pretzel, Johnny Utah (R), Flipper, Sprinkles, Long Haul (R), Bratwurst, Heartbreaker, 


Not a professional 

Cell phone, CPR, Reflective gear check

Very large group this morning, 37 strong.  

Mosey to the globe to circle up.  The group was big enough for us to go around the world.  I actually thought about getting in the globe for warm ups but only for a split second.  Didn’t want to get stuck or break it and get kicked off Marvin campus.  


20 SSH – IC

20 Imperial Walkers – IC

15 Potato Pickers – IC

The Thang

Mosey to the neighborhood Rose Cliff (thanks Brat for correcting me).  I believe this is the first time going off campus at Marvin.  The first thing we did in the hood was cul-de-sac to stop sign which had a nice hill going both ways.  We did 10 single count speed skaters at one end, 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill, and 10 single count jump lunges at the other end.  We did down and back 5 time.  Well the lead group did it 5 times, everyone else stopped when they were done.  We had an FNG and some people that are not what you would say are runners.  They still pushed it hard.  There were few dogs we woke up this morning.  Was waiting for someone to come out yelling at us.  

We then moved on to the main stretch of the neighborhood to do 10 merkins and 10 CCD at each light pole to the end of the road.  In total I believe there were 6 lights.  On the way back it was 20 SSH and 10 LBC’s.  When we got back to the top of the hill, I heard someone, probably Good Fella say we had 8 minutes.  Oh crap! I was worried we wouldn’t be back on time.  Never pulled a Hooch.  We cut things a little short to head back.  I’m glad our FNG Haw kept working hard on the way back.  Next time we will need to check out the trail that connect back to the other side.  

Once we got back to the parking lot, we had about 2 minutes to spare.  The first group had to do 10 burpees at the top of the hill and the second group did 5 and the rest of us didn’t need to do any.  Not sure that’s a bonus.  I believe we made it back with 30 seconds to spare.  

For those of you that want to know, we covered 3.2 miles!


When Dana asked me to Q I was a little hesitant. I haven’t Q’ed much lately other than Clyent Dinner and I joked this morning about trying to retire from Q’ing.   Sometimes I struggle with putting together a workout that is good for the entire Pax.  Everyone is looking to get different things from F3 and that is ok. In the end you want people to be fulfilled in what keeps them coming back.  Hope the group of 37 got what they were looking for or even a little more.  I believe our group age range today was from 10yrs old to 62yrs old.

It was great seeing people I’ve never met or seen in a really long time like Strawberry and Heartbreaker.  It was really impressive to see “THE Haw” work hard on his first workout and not give up. He mentioned to Good Fella he was in the Marines and had let himself go.   Keep coming back it will get a little easier every week.  

Impressive to see all the “R’s” come out. 10 in total. I hope that I will be able to hang like those guys. Very impressive to see. #stayyoung #stayfit


F3 Dads camp – Already 370 tickets sold in 4 hours, just like a Justin Bieber concert. $100 per person.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Free Range Egg Sale by Old McDonald $5.00 a dozen

COT – Church on the Street the first Sunday of the month.  Great opportunity to serve.  See Strawberry.  

Dancing Bear and his daughter are collecting travel size shampoo and soap for shelters.  Great thing you’re doing!  Teaching a valuable lesion to your daughter.  

Thank you, Good Fella for taking us out!

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