Where did Chicken Little go?

Where did Chicken Little go?

Wedding Singer sent out a request for a Q at Commitment today and of course, I jumped at the opportunity…why not? The weather was going to be nice and I knew there would be a smaller group due to spring break and a convergence Q by Dredd. Smaller groups tend to work harder and stay together…the ladder was not true. Half the pax got lost and myself, Bottle Cap, Transporter and Chicken Little set out to find them.

The Thang:

Di Cell Cpr Safety

YHC came in super Hot at 6:31 yelling “Get your DiCCS ready” out the window. Sick kid and injured wife at home, I was late!! I pulled a Money Ball and stepped out of the truck running, “Lets Mosey”

  • Mosey around traffic circle back to school – Circle up
  • Warmup
    • 10 SSH
    • 10 Crab Cakes
    • 10 Merkins
    • 10 IW
    • 10 PP
  • To school – Partner up
  • Pullups/Merkins
    • 5 Merkins – 5 Pullups – End of Lot and back. 5 x’s
  • Hangs/Squats
    • Hang – 20 squats – End of lot and Back. 5x’s Partner doing the squats was the counter.
  • Knee ups/Merkins
    • 10 Knee ups – 10 Merkins 5x’s – No running
  • Mosey to Traffic Circle – Circle of pain
    • Pax calls out exercise and run – Other Pax do it 2x’s
  • Mosey to Club House – Suicides
    • Start at the top of the parking lot – 1 merkin
    • Run to first light – 2 Merkins
    • Run back to start 3 Merkins
    • Next light 4 Merkins – Continue to 10 Merkins at the end of the parking lot
  • Ab Ladder
    • 1 WWII / 4 LBC – 2/8 – 3/12 ect.
  • Mosey back to COT and finish last set of 40 LBC’s
  • DONE!

The Moleskine

We moseyed from the traffic circle down the gravel road towards the playground at the clubhouse. 40 minutes in the vest was killing me, I think it was all the burpees Transporter obliged us with during the Circle of pain. I thought we were moving pretty slow, but I did just lose 20lbs and felt super lite!! Myself, Bottle Cap, Transporter – who promptly put on my vest once I dropped it- and Chicken Little arrived at the clubhouse and planked…and we planked… and we planked. Quickly someone said something is wrong. Bottle Cap hit the main road to search for a missing group of Pax. Transporter, myself and Chicken Little went back down the paved trail to the gravel road. The chicken went right we went left… no pax in sight. Where did they go? How did they fall so far behind?

Finally, I hear counting at the playground and Fuse is leading Marry wondering where we were! Now we are all back together, time to work again. But wait, where is Chicken Little?? He’s a big boy, let’s proceed with Suicides. We get in about one rotation and CL comes jogging up. He ended up running down the main road all the way to the traffic circle in the neighborhood. Great effort on the search and recovery fellas!

Everyone showed up today to work and that’s what we did! Thanks to Transporter for all the burpee call outs during the circle of pain…he stopped at each Pax as he ran and did a burpee with them, nice job!

Shop and Chainsaw partnered up and put in huge effort during all exercises, much RESPECT!

Fuse and Transporter partnered up and were on my and Bottle Caps heels during the partner work. Well done!

Fellow B and C neighbors Eli and Chicken Little teamed and made light work of all exercises… I think CL can do more pullups than he thinks!

Last but not least I teamed with the coke man himself Bottle Cap. We pushed hard and the 20 lb vest wore me out!! He can knock some kip style pullups!

Well done men, thanks for posting and following my lead! 3.11 miles today. I have Flash Monday and Watchtower Tuesday, plan to get your work on again!!

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