The Hill Behind the End Zone

The Hill Behind the End Zone

12 PAX for the weekly Friday edition of ultimate Frisbee

Diclaimed, quickly and mosey to the corner endzone of the football field. For COP

SSH x 15 IC (no one counted so not sure of the #)

LSS x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Alt thigh slap x15 IC

Alt shoulder tap x15 IC

Diamond merkins x 10 IC

THE Thang:

Partner up, P1 runs clockwise and P2 run counterclockwise on the track. When partners meet do 25 partner derkins EACH (legs on the back of planking partner). Repeat 4x through.

Mosey to The Hill Behind the End Zone for 11s: pull ups at the top, burpees at the bottom Several rounds of mary when finished Mosey back to the turf starting at the end zone: 25 yard bear crawl, 25 yard lunge, 25 yard broad jump, mosey to goal line and plan up Plank-o-rama of sorts and AYG back to opposite end zone. Repeat x2

Mosey back to The Hill Behind the End Zone (wish this had a name) and run backwards to the top. Head back to launch.

Moleskin: Close to a record turnaround time for me on a backblast. I felt a


Close to a record turnaround time for me on a backblast. I felt a considerable amount of pressure from Gummy who trolls reads nearly every BB and chimed in on my last Joust Q which he didn’t attend. I know, I know, he kids because he loves. Although this was 3 months ago, he has the memory of a sloth… or maybe he just reminds me of a sloth with his SSH form. Either way, he didn’t take kindly to my F3 geographic terminology and made that aware again last night on Twitter. Ductwork pleaded for him not to poke the bear and Header and Dollywood audibly followed up YHC’s instructions with “who made him so mad” comments. Blame Gummy for the pain this AM. I threatened to make it an all hill workout in spite, but remembered that if I don’t want to do it I can’t Q it. In all truthfulness, I always try to script a challenging workout that pushes you past your comfort zone. Otherwise, why else do we wake up several hours before the rest of the world? The camaraderie and perseverance we gain by pushing through difficult workouts together is second to none and I appreciate you all for getting after it this morning. When I first called out 25 durkins PER pax, much mumblechatter was heard and clarification needed. But everyone pressed on and little did they know that was the ‘easiest’ part of the workout.


We really should think about naming the hill behind the end zone. Opine below.

Dollywood is a beast

Header left early, mid hill 11s but told me beforehand and that it had nothing to do with my Q

Smokey was unrecognizable not wearing a Tennessee hat

Rookie mistake by Chin Music to not wear gloves – think it was 39 degrees

Baracas said it was the worst 2 miles he has done in a long time (I concur)

Thanks for partnering Funky – great work on the derkins and good luck to your M this weekend at her speaking engagement.

Red card, Sweeney todd, and Scully great work out there and to meet you. SYITG soon

Thanks to Ductwork for the take out and the opportunity to lead these men today!

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GummyPosted on7:06 pm - Mar 22, 2019

If Stone Cold still posted at Boot Camp workouts, he’d be disappointed at the lack of respect that his Grandmother is getting.

DuctworkPosted on11:56 pm - Mar 22, 2019

Great Q, Purell… and thanks for not staying on The Hill Behind the End Zone (aka Grandma) for the entire 45 minutes.
Solid work by the entire PAX, even with missing gloves, poor SSH form, slight refusnik-ing, and a wee bit of mumblechatter to boot. Good times!

HorseheadPosted on12:00 am - Mar 23, 2019

And I bet they have completely forgotten about the Blue Door.

    GummyPosted on1:10 pm - Mar 23, 2019

    I tried to incorporate the blue door when I Q’d a couple of months ago. There’s a new retaining wall on that hill that makes it harder and less fun to get to. We still did it though.

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