Early Voters

Early Voters

F3 being an organization of the people and by the people, the Ascent pax voted on today’s downPAINment.  While the choices were not labeled as “R” or “D”, it was still a choice of the lesser of two evils.  Option 1 – offered a more complex weinke, requiring two bells of differing weights.  Option 2 – a simple weinke, needing only a single, moderately heavy bell.  Confounding the exit polls, after all the hanging chads were counted, Option 2 was the winner (and we all paid the price).

The Thang


  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • Mosey with bells to playground
  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Prying squats
  • 20 alternating one-hand swings
  • Side lunges
  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Merkins
  • 20 alternating one-hand swings
  • Imperial Walker
  • 20 two-hand swings

(100 swings)

Set 1:

  • 5 sets of 20 two-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 20 merkins

(200 swings)

Set 2:

  • 5 sets of 20 one-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 7 pull-ups (modify count or with supine row, as needed)

(300 swings)

Set 3:

  • 5 sets of 20 alternating 0ne-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 5 one-arm presses (each hand)

(400 swings)

Set 4:

  • 5 sets of 20 two-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 20 lawnmower rows (10/side)

(500 swings)

boom (lowercase because we were too exhausted to say it any louder)

Mosey with bells back to parking lot.




Take out by Polo.



  1. Area 51 Christmas Party – 12/1, Seaboard, Matthews


Naked Moleskinne:

After YHC finished a solo 4 mile pre-run (Jello, where were you??), he was still solo at 6:55, when an unknown pax parked nearby.  Welcome, Pizza Pizza, visiting from Greenville, SC, sporting Clemson shorts (Masters) and purporting to be Crimson Tide alum (Bachelor).  #conflicted  At 6:59, another unknown car parked with two pax, Hot Toddy, Mississippi College grad and Carpex pax, was visiting his dad, Polo.  Rounding out our handful of pax was Cooter, strolling in around 7:02.  With Cooter’s two bells added to YHC’s pile of 8, we had double the bells as pax, which made for multiple choices.  YHC encouraged moderately heavy weights (although Polo somehow slipped a 20# selection past YHC).

Strong work was put in by all.  This was not an easy workout.  It was simple, but a kick in the teeth.  Starting a few minutes late, overtime was required to complete the main portion of the workout, and the pax were all in.  YHC offered an audible, but everyone wanted to get in the final set.  #welldone  The planned Mary session was skipped, due to longer rest breaks than planned, but they were well earned (and needed).  Mary can be picked up at most any bootcamp any day of the week, but KBs only come to Ascent once per month and, for some pax, this was their first experience with bells, at least at an F3 workout.

Expect to be a little sore tomorrow, but know that it’s because you put in some strong work today.  Aye!

Always a pleasure to lead.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead and workout with you today.

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